What is paracord, how to use paracord

In the okolovoyennom and okolovyvraschilchikom Internet sites, a prominent place paracord, 550y cord, parachute cable. It is not necessary. To understand the place paracord in equipment, you really need it.

What is paracord

This is a pair (shyutny) cord. Paracord, It is easier and does not stretch. However, its nylon nature makes it unstable to solar radiation. For the sake of it, it’s not a good idea.

Paracord It consists of several fibers. The prefix “550” appeared as a type. paracord to withstand a load of 550 pounds. What are these types?

  • Type 1 (type I) – certified to withstand 95 pounds (43 kg), it is used for decorative purposes;
  • Type 2 (type II) – certified to withstand 400 pounds (180 kg), has 4-7 internal yarns;
  • Type 3 (type III) – certified to withstand 550 pounds (250 kg), has 7-9 internal threads;
  • Type 4 (type IV) – certified to withstand 750 pounds (340 kg), has 11 internal threads, very durable, but noticeable more than type III.

How is it different

Actually, you can try the fishing line. It is difficult to find out what it’s about.

It is difficult to find. Assortment paracord – a noticeable argument for the consumer, distinguishing paracord from all the thin cables repshnura, clothesline and other things. You can choose the colors of clothing and equipment, or not the violin the disguise.

In terms of customers, there is another serious consideration – paracord often counterfeited manufacturer. Even if there are 250 kg of weight.

What it is not suitable for

Paracord it is not intended for mountaineering, for height-related applications. This should be remembered and not make mistakes. Of course, it’s a good idea. Or, if there is an excess paracord – use not one cord, but two-three. It must be reduced by 40-60 percent.

What can it be used for

Usually, paracord not used for people, but for small items. It is formulated as “tie something.” Going deep into details, it is possible to divide the application according to the conditions: daily, equipment, emergency existence, medical.


  • tether for keys, passes, etc.
  • shoelaces
  • replacement belt
  • replacement braces
  • packaging
  • zipper slide bar
  • strap for long hair
  • fastening a hat on your head
  • for playing with cats
  • clothesline


  • a braid of rigid handles of backpacks and bags
  • mounting additional equipment on top of the backpack
  • fastening equipment in transport
  • lanyard on a knife
  • hanging food to save it from the fauna
  • repair strap, buckles, sails
  • mount rifle belt to untabka
  • replacement of soft ramrod
  • replacement of the exhaust chain chainsaws, motokos etc.
  • tethering a boat or horse
  • for pulling a thicker cable
  • toroka for game

Emergency existence

  • building shelter from branches
  • tent mount, awning, hammock
  • making silks
  • replacement of fishing line
  • fishing netting
  • making bolo
  • tying a spear
  • Fire saw
  • tinder replacement
  • manufacture of raft, snowshoes, sleigh
  • construction of the crossing
  • road markings (bright paracord)
  • stretch marks around the camp
  • attaching a signal panel or HIS for signaling
  • making wood climbing stirrups


  • dental floss
  • removing the ring stuck on the finger
  • stretcher
  • stitches
  • tire on fracture
  • dressing
  • tow

Based on materials of foreign press.

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