What is situational awareness?

The term “situational awarenessIt is often used when it comes to self-defense or shooting. If you really want to know how to correct it. It has been a lot of fun!

“NORD Cycle”. The abbreviation stands for Observation-Assessment-Decision-Action (from the English OODA – O – observe, O – orient, D – decide, A – act).

And in the first place is not just surveillance. What does it really mean? There is no doubt that this is where you can find out. Here you can’t pay attention to yourself, for example, while you’re eating your breakfast. Therefore, we will tell you what the strategy will be.

Situational awareness in action

Picture of the dog lovers. About 30 dogs running around. 28 rushing in different directions. One sleeps herself peacefully under the bench. And one growls, arches his back and bares his teeth. And not even in your direction. But will you be able to monitor all thirty dogs? It is unlikely to be completely absorbs all your attention.

But all sorts of atypical things worth special attention. For example, you can catch your eyes. But it is a person who is looking for a cigarette.

Fortunately, our database stores a typical normal behavior. But its effectiveness can be improved. For example, listening to your subconscious – to your “chuik”. After all, often you can’t be the source. It is worth expressing your assumptions out loud. On the one hand, on the other hand, on the other hand, on the other hand, on the other hand, on the other hand. Better than a polite dead man.

Train your brains

In order to develop a skill. Quietly watch a certain person. He doesn’t care. There is a pattern that can be used to make it.

As an illustrative example we can give a typical situation – “Can you find a smoke?”. It’s a socially acceptable way to contact you. But what do you actually ask for a cigarette or a lighter. Shows you a cigarette, which should be set on fire. And the gopnik will not always be able to see your choice. But one hand will surely be in your pocket or otherwise hidden from you.

As you can see, the difference is noticeable. This particular individual represents.

Similarly, try to track it. It is a list of ways to get in the process. And so you can be completely prepared. Seriously, the criminals also follow the same principle. It’s better to take care of the situation.

It makes it a matter of course to make it a matter of course. The framework of “normal behavior” can be a little bit different. It is your choice. Remember this moment whenever you go on a journey.

What is situational awareness?

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