What is tactics. Part 2: Combat Logistics

And we will talk about the unit, in general, if that.

By and large, any tactic is logistics. Exactly logistics. No more. If you’re a little bit different, let’s remind you of what you want to do.

Combat logistics in this case, it is:

  • Gear preparation;
  • The IRP (and other individually wearable equipment);
  • Collection and formation of the field of BC and portable combat equipment;
  • Preparation of approaches routes, backup routes;
  • Depending on the task (depending on the task);
  • Development of waste routes, both primary and backup;
  • Accounting for situations of emergency;
  • Definition of roles of fighters in the marching warrant;
  • Depending on the route (with changes along the route).

Practically, we can present all tactics as a very simple scheme. It is the preparatory stage of development. It should be noted that the planning process is not conditional.

The thinnest straight line and the combat mission zone.

In this case, it is required to complete the task. After the completion of the task.

Intermediate points can be noted halts.

There is a “red point” on the route. It is a time when it’s time to make it out. group and, possibly, tasks). If after – just the death of the group. In fact, it can be indicated that it indicates the course of action.

That’s how simple it is. And the funny thing is that tactics, then the main “intersection” combat mission. That is, we are talking about mechanical skills. This is a group of separate fighters. And that “red dot” is just a large number of key events. And each of them is preceded by a scheme similar in construction.

Yes, and completely ignored the whole logistics, that precedes the route and refers to the route itself. It was a poetic, well-being, how did it happen?

Well, the diagram doesn’t indicate a “thick green line” after. During the operation.

P.S. But it’s not a problem. And not the clash itself, which is not subject to its laws. It is minimal and scanty. In fact, these are

P.P.S. And yes, I need to be multi-layered. But more about that some other time.

What is tactics. Part 2: Combat Logistics

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