What is tactics. Part 3: Fight or Survival?

First, a few words about individual tactics. The fact is that in the format of fighting, individual tactics it is not the case. It is a rule of thumb. It is not a tenant if it is in some way without being able to. First, what is happening. Secondly, he remains 99% superior in number and capabilities.

Missions turns into pure survival. And we have already spoken about this event. That is, if we are talking about the hostile whirlwinds, then there are still options. Depends on the ability to remain inconspicuous, of course.

But about any active counteraction no speech. If you’re in a state of peace, you can provide problems. The memorable fighter vataman, which is a pack of fascists with a faust-patron, is an example. But, in fact, it is localized and exterminated. It is not a rule.

It makes it a little bit worse tactical advantage and superiority in armament. In this case, everything can be, and there are even chances. It has been noted that it has been received. In fact, the presence of the enemy at least grenade launcher and projectiles to it, negates most positional tricks, especially if you have to fight back alone.

That is the very concept individual tactics, It is normally taken into account. There is yes. Each fighter has a special role to play. If you are a woman of

Yes, of course, that in the format individual tactics, it depends on the way it made:

  • shooting skill (speed / accuracy);
  • physical form (or drag the wounded);
  • skill to provide PMP;
  • mine explosive joys (optics, communications, bomben and grenades).

The fighter will be more effective. It’s significantly easier to use. It is a counting by the order.

It is not a problem. Since the phrase “combat coordination“It was invented for nothing.” It’s a lot of fun.

And here is a curious moment: a man with the right and high quality tactical training, If you’re on the same day, you’ll be quite an average shooter. That is a commander, and a good commander.

But a man who shoots fucking, but in tactics no more than:

– Dee Erste column marching, di color column marching …
(c) “Hyperboloid of engineer Garin”

If you’re a little bit more than a little bit

If you’re a little bit lazy, you’ll find out if you’ve found a lone wolf. But he believes that he will “overcome and prevail.” Individual tactics, It is primarily built around the group.


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