What kind of under-barrel lamp to choose for hunting?

The amount of prey brought directly depends on the skill and completeness of equipment, and in this aspect the under-barrel flashlight for hunting is considered indispensable: a properly selected device contributes to effective aiming shooting at night. Variants intended for smooth-bore guns are in demand for hunting birds, small and large animals (wild boars, elks).

  • What is an under-barrel flashlight for hunting?
  • 2 Selection Criteria
    • 2.1Dimensions
    • 2.2 Protection of the case from moisture
    • 2.3 Attachment Specification
    • 2.4Durability
    • 2.5 Light Beam Parameters
    • 2.6 Battery life
    • 2.7 Focusing lens
    • 2.8Specification of assembly and delivery
  • 3 Classification of rifle lamps
    • 3.1Designed examples of long-range lights
    • 3.2Lamps spotlights

What is an under-barrel flashlight for hunting?

Lighting fixtures of this class are functional additions to weapons during night hunting. The most popular models are 1000 lumens, their performance is enough for most applications. Professionals who prefer to collect under-gun lanterns for hunting with their own hands, note that such hunting equipment has standard weight, dimensions, diameter. In particular, the inch lantern is quickly fixed on the bracket, not blocking the line of the barrel. The device is attached to the trunk, in addition to the flashlight, the minimum configuration includes mount – bracket.

Klarus XT11 GTAcebeam T21 provides a high-intensity luminous flux, the model is designed for use in complicated weather conditions, extreme situations, it can withstand strong recoil when shooting. The service life of the LED 1500 lumens is 5 years, the lens is made of coated glass. The reason for the high demand for the device is the record range up to 1050 m.

The device is protected from overheating, provides instant appearance of the beam thanks to the tactical button. The user has 6 modes of operation. The case is waterproof, can withstand a fall from a height of human growth. The weight of the lantern is 300 g

Fenix ​​TK 32 2016Flashlights

Surefire M3LT-S is based on 4 LED lamps with 2 adjustable brightness modes. Mounted on a weapon with a bracket, has a reinforced aluminum body. The device weighs 309 g, produces a beam of light, the intensity of which does not depend on the battery level. The device is convenient for use on rough terrain, ergonomic design contributes to the rapid response to changes in external conditions. The special coating of the case prevents scratches.

SuurefirePOS-3 is a protected optical module that does not respond to gun recoil. The lens is made of special glass that retains its transparency in the operational conditions complicated by wind and precipitation. Built-in bracket allows you to set the searchlight on the gun 12 caliber. The device can function either continuously or in tactical mode by means of a remote button. A 500 lumen lamp gives out a beam with a range of 200-350 m. The model weighs 350 g, on average, the charge lasts for 1 hour.

The headlight “Boar” operates on the basis of a quartz halogen light source, the lamp generates a stream of yellow spectrum, optimal for tracking in a light fog. The model in a shock-resistant case weighs 400 g, interchangeable mounts suggest fixing on a 12, 16 caliber smooth-bore weapon. The range of action reaches 200 m; a uniform luminous flux is formed at the exit. A charge indicator is provided. Adjustment screws make it easy to set up the lamp.

Truly effective under-barrel lights are realized in a high price segment. Low-cost models of equipment do not have an adequate level of protection against mechanical stress and contact with moisture. Their only possibility of application is as a temporary solution, which is necessary for specifying operational needs.

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