What should be tactical shoes?

Respecting people, including hunters, need specialized shoes. The specifics of the work necessary shoes.

You should not be able to upset your skin. shoe. If you are not sole quality. It is a good idea to ensure that it can be outstated. Military shoes not universal. It is not necessary to wear it.

General requirements

The following requirements for this shoe are:

  • A variety of surface types and terrain;
  • Feet of mechanical damage, injury prevention;
  • Ventilation;
  • Increased requirements for durability and reliability of fittings.

Designed to prevent sprains and rubbing. Top material – specially treated leather (waxed, aniline or water-repellent suede), often provided with a combination of synthetic materials. It has been given that it can be used. Shoot it out during the movement. For putting on “cats”.

It is comfortable to wear it. Water resistance and breathable properties. These materials are ideally suited for extreme conditions. And in combination with modern synthetic insulation, the membrane will provide maximum comfort in a wide range of operating temperatures. Insoles are necessarily removable, anatomical, ideally thermoformed with a multi-layer mesh.

Types of lacing mechanisms

  • Sewn loops of wear-resistant material or corrosion-resistant grommets are mainly used for light footwear;
  • Pressure points on the skin;
  • Open hooks allow the fastest possible lacing and provide uniform tension.

Most often used in the upper part of the tops, in combination with rings or grommets. In some cases, a zipper can be installed in addition to the lacing. This is a combination of what’s on the shoe. Braided cord with synthetic fibers. The core of the paracord type. This design provides reliability and durability.

Technological innovations

Thanks to the model tactical shoes It has become a reality of our day. Footwear, designed for use in impassable terrain or in combat, it doesn’t resemble all previous models.

Most models today use a practical “breathing” membrane. In most cases, this is a “goretex”, but it can also be a “sympathetic”. It is a process of semiconducting membranes. It has been noted that the process of the process.

It is a cordura. It helps to ensure that there is no damage to the shoe. Kevlar material is even more durable. It is a non-combustible and does not conduct electrical current. Kevlar has body armor.

For the manufacture of all specialized shoes High-class, high-class use. They are made of more durable material, such as a cleaning zone. It makes it impossible to use it.

Protect your feet from low temperatures. Most serious companies have their own designs. One of the most effective insulation material is “tinsuleyt”. Thermal insulation is much better than traditional materials. Due to the fact that “tinsuleyt” absorbs moisture, it is warm and dry.

The most famous insulating material is the “tinsuleyt”. Developers created this insulation for use in outerwear. Professional clothing, clothing for fishermen and hunters, sportswear. It has been created, which can be used for all types of heaters.

Clothes and shoes

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