What should be the ideal target for shooting?

This thought has long been matured. And then took shape. Moreover, I saw enough about “Grom”, and other foreign competitors.

Immediately explain. Speech on the “advanced” level of training. At the initial, anything will come off, with a clear target, where the fighter must learn to get. There are 10×10 cm, or a circle of 15 cm in diameter. It is the first purely opinion.

I, in principle, do not like regular targets with radial markings from 1 to 10. There is no sense in them. Except for shooting in the dash, and even then not in everyone.
As it is not paradoxical, but I like it better when targets not impersonal Why? It’s simple. This is a circle. Located clearly in the center. What is the center of the circle? 10-ka. And that’s all. It’s quite difficult. Is it a head? Then why is it so normal? Or is it the opponent’s chest? And if he has a bullet-proof vest and unloading there, full of stores? What is the use of this hit?

On ideal target for shooting must be an adversary. It should not be impersonal. It wasn’t done. It is a “sighting of ammunition,” and become a meaningful action. In this case, it’s clear that it’s possible to carry it out.

  • destruction of the target;
  • disabling targets without destroying.

It will be possible to explain the shooter.

In fact, I am a thoughtful about “sandwich target“. The point is very simple.
Target can be “flipped” on the order of the album.

1 layer – it can be different.
Layer 2 – opaque, with the image of the opponent.
Layer 3 – Layer 3.
4th layer – opaque
Human nerve nodes, for example,

At the exit, using such “Sandwich target”, In the case of the shooter. It is a funk.

I can understand this. If it happens, I implement this business.

P.S. Why am I all this? If you are a woman, you need to be able to do so. And rightly so – shoot in the mouth, or above the upper lip. So that …

Rifle training

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