What sights are better: optics, collimator or mechanics?

The situation with hunting weapons in Russia and most of the CIS countries is exactly the opposite of that with short-barreled weapons for self-defense. If a normal pistol is available both for ordinary citizens and professional shooters only at rifle facilities, then with long-barreled weapons everything is somewhat better. Everyone who wants, if he, of course, has time, money, and the ability to overcome bureaucratic obstacles, can acquire at least a smooth-bore gun, even a tactical shotgun, and with time a rifled carbine or rifle. And train with them for your pleasure. And here the question very often arises – what sighting devices to use? Mechanical sight, collimator or optics? Good question. And we are still trying to figure it out.

Open sight

Mechanical sighting devices There is in the basic configuration of almost every weapon. Therefore, it is recommended to begin acquaintance with weapons and shooting from the “mechanics” – if you can quickly combine the rear sight with the front sight and direct the resulting aiming line at the target – everything else will be mastered quite simply. Although, in principle, for shooting at short and medium distances, the open sight is enough.

Still, this design is cheaper than a full-fledged optical sight.

Optical sight

So, good and modern (read – reliable and high-quality) optics are much more expensive than all previous options. At the same time, the optical sight with variable magnification from 1.5 to 6 at the minimum magnification completely replaces the collimator, and at the maximum – allows you to shoot farther and more accurately than the same collimator with a magnifer.

Going through optics at long distances with two eyes is difficult. And to close one eye means to limit the viewing space, narrowing it to the size of the sight. What is dangerous in real combat conditions, but in sports – it is just fraught with a little loss of time.

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