What the doctors say: Medical slang – the basics and examples

Understanding what is the case for making decisions. If you’re not sure, you can’t understand what’s happening. In the case of a person, he is in a position to endowed with the properties of speech, memory, thinking, etc.

It is a language that has been used for medical treatment.

You can, of course, buy a textbook in the medical literature. Auto-translation, which requires further logical reflection. Well, since the state has been strongly recommending that you’ll be transformed, you can’t translate it into a kind of “phenya” or slang medical slang.

For medical care, there is no need for medical care.

I will give you the most common words and expressions.

Modern Medical Slang

  • CERD“or”In the address of the agents“- cancer patient, the sick.
  • Shitty“,”asshole“- a patient with foodborne illness (diarrhea). He’s”waiter – carried a side dish“.
  • Pipes are burning“- inflammation of the appendages.
  • We are going to Mr. Chekhlidze“- we are going to state death.
  • Throw the dice on the fence“- will stand up after the emetic and fecal masses.
  • Need to play monkeys“- search team lice from each other.
  • Breathe“- carry out mechanical ventilation.
  • Trumpet“- to intubate the trachea.
  • Dance“Meetings and conflicts.
  • Push-up“- to conduct the NMS.
  • Ivan Mikhalych– myocardial infarction.
  • Large focal cardiopis ….“- large-focal transmural IM
  • Small focal cardioch … ynya“- small focal subendocardial IM
  • To cover– state death.
  • Move horses“,”to be full“,”glue fins“- transition to the agonal state.
  • Knocked the bottom out“- frequent loose stools.
  • To touch“- enter the drug intravenously.
  • Zhopno“- enter the drug intramuscularly.
  • Negro“- an outsider involved to assist in transporting the patient to the car.
  • Kindergarten“- detox. He’s”numbers“(“going to the rooms“).
  • Indians“- the police
  • Banker“- bum.
  • Kryski“- random night passersby, witnesses.
  • Disco“- Siren and flashers (“go to the call with the disco“). She’s”light music“.
  • Sector prize“In the morning, when he was on the road to the substation.
  • I’ll go fuck“,”Have sex“and it is an anti-epidemic stacking tool.
  • Tinsel“or”toilet roll“- ECG film.
  • Nothing to wipe“- in the cardiograph ended film
  • Warm up“- write a card.
  • To rub the back“- for whom I am in line?
  • Vote“- the radio.
  • Talk to voice“,” I hear a voice from a beautiful far “- to communicate with the dispatcher.
  • Snot“,”drag on snot“- use raincoat stretchers.
  • Boy“- the driver.
  • Wheelbarrow“- wheelchair.
  • Yelp”- call back, report to the dispatcher at the center.
  • Present“- bum (“bring a gift“).
  • Accordion“- electroocardio transmitter
  • Yellow suitcase“or”fairy tale box“- box-medukladka.
  • Aquarium“- the room in which the dispatcher is sitting.
  • Troopers“, carnivores“, carriages“, corpse“- Corruption service officers.
  • Make a nest– try a couple of minutes.
  • Swallow“- RAF medavomobile.
  • A vacuum cleaner“- Gazelle Medomobile.
  • Hearse“- Mercedes medal car.
  • Tank“,”Armored personnel carrier“- UAZ medavomobile.
  • Health factory“,”CDC“,”health and beauty center“- city Hospital. She’s”health department“or”health combine“or”Death valley“.
  • Asbestos cement plant“- emergency room.
  • Tamagochi“- navigator.
  • The series “Friends”“- see another patient in the next apartment,
  • Ears“- phonendoscope.
  • Second front“- call on the specialists.
  • Grandmother boils“-A patient pulmonary edema.
  • Losing consciousness“- the threat of a complaint.
  • To play war“Get the patient to the car.”
  • Traktir “At the old goat”“- the central substation, the administration of the NSR.
  • Field of dreams“- service area.

Drug names

  • Oksana“- Sodium oxybutyrate.
  • Magnolia“- Magnesium sulfate, it is”Gavnezia“She”Magnet“.
  • Eye and Leg“- Lasix and No-shpa respectively.
  • Real“- Relanium.
  • Vitamin A“- Aminazin.
  • Galya with pipa“- Haloperidol with Pipolfen.
  • Cat droplets“- Valerian.
  • Anna Dmitrievna“- Analgin with Dimedrol.
  • Nashenskaya“- Drotaverinum, No-shpa.
  • Remember everything“- Piracetam.
  • Living water“- ammonia solution, ammonia.
  • Tick ​​with fenichka“- Galaperdol with Fenazepam.
  • Water“- saline.
  • Paralyzing mixture“- Analgin + Dimedrol + Pipolfen.
  • Fufulin with herkelen“- Euphyllinum with Korglikon.
  • Oblomin– naloxone.

Want to practice your knowledge of medical slang? What:

“Merin is 19 years old, appendyuk, in a shoe with a loss of consciousness.”

This means: “A man of 19 years old, acute appendicitis, a man of the horse, there is an agreement, a brawler.”

What doctors say: Basics of medical slang

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