What to Bring Camping: What You Need to Take for an Enjoyable Trip

What to Bring Camping: What You Need to Take for an Enjoyable Trip

Camping is a wonderful outdoor activity that allows you to relax in the middle of nature with your friends and family. However, every lovely activity abroad can turn into a nightmare if you do not have the necessary equipment and if you are not prepared. People who love the outdoors and those who have been camping since they were babies know that it is very important to be prepared and know what to take to camp.

We have all heard the wonderful stories about campfires and sleeping under the clear night sky. When you come prepared and have everything you need with you, the camping experience can not be more than memorable. That is the main reason why we decided to talk about what to take to the camp. If you have been camping at least once in your life, you definitely have some camping equipment somewhere in the house (an old tent, a backpack and some other things) but camping well is a little more than that.

Let’s help you put together a list of the basic elements you need to bring when you go camping. Even if it does not seem like it, camping is still an outdoor adventure and you should be prepared for almost anything.

What to Bring Camping: What You Need to Take for an Enjoyable Trip

Usually, when you think about camping, your mind immediately thinks about relaxation and the good time you spend with your friends and family. In 90% of cases, this is true: we go camping to breathe some fresh air, to admire nature and to cook a barbecue in a big way.

In the other 10% of the cases, camping means resting using an improvised shelter (the tent) during the night, while you are in a real outdoor adventure. People who made hiking trips or those who like to explore the wild side of Mother Nature know how this is going. Anyway, regardless of the situation you are in, your camping equipment must be complete.

Imagine that you take your whole family to camp for a few days. Uploads to everyone in the car; You put the equipment in the trunk and start driving. You arrive at the most amazing camping place and you find the perfect place, but when you download the equipment you discover that stores are missing. You are quite far from home to have the possibility to drive back and take them.

What do you do? In this situation, there are two main solutions: either you all sleep in the car or you use your survival skills and knowledge and build some shelters with what you can find in the forest. Sleeping in the car can be crowded and very uncomfortable, especially for a large family. In addition, the construction of a shelter can take time and, if it arrives at night, you must wait until the next day to begin work. The time you spend building shelters is the time you can spend relaxing and having fun.

As you can see, having the right equipment is very important. We always recommend our readers to make lists and put them in a visible place in the house (like the refrigerator). In this way you make sure you do not forget anything important.

The basic list for the whole family.

To make sure you do not miss anything, start making the list a few weeks before the actual trip. Designate an area in the house where you store and pack the equipment and other items you consider necessary. This way you can cross the list of items that you have already packed. It is very easy to make sure you have everything you need to camp if you implement this system. And since the list is in a visible part of the house, each member of the family can contribute.

To make it even easier, you must divide the list into product categories. This way you have structure and you can organize yourself. Also make sure you do not drink too much. If you are going to camp, do not take the whole house with you. It is better to experience a bit of nature, so do not get all the comfort.

Category # 1 – the team

Tent It is the first thing that occurs to you when you think about camping. A tent offers shelter and protects you and your things from natural elements and small wild animals. Today you can find all kinds of tents in different shapes, sizes and fabrics, so you will need some ideas to guide you in choosing the right one if you do not know what to look for.

How to choose the perfect tent for your needs:

These are the attributes that you should keep in mind when choosing the store where you will live for a few days:

  • size – Make sure you know how many people are going to stay in a tent. The indications of the tents announce the size by number of people that can fit, without personal space. Now, if you are an outdoor adventurer, you do not really need that extra space, but if you travel with your whole family and use a car to transport the equipment, take a larger tent.
    For example, if you are a family of four, buy a tent for 6 people. In this way, you will have space for other things like toys and devices for children. If you plan to stay longer than a few days, we recommend that you buy even a larger tent. The small living space can leave room for friction and unhappiness.
  • Comfort – directly proportional to the size. If the tent is big, you will also have something more comfort inside. Make sure you have room to change clothes and leave some clothes inside. In addition, a place where you can sit without having to roll over your partner increases the level of comfort.
  • Ease of use – If you like an outdoor adventure, you will definitely need something small, light and easy to install. Large family stores offer a lot of space and even come with windows to ensure adequate ventilation. Even so, this type of tent can be difficult to handle and even carry, so you will need a car and several people to help you install it.
  • Shape – There are four basic forms: tent with A frame, umbrella tent, geodesic tent and wall tent. Each of these offers certain living conditions, but the most common are the A frame for adventurers and the tent with umbrella for families.
  • Windows and doors – Make sure you know the weather conditions of the area you are going to visit. If it is wet and warm, your store should have a good ventilation system. Otherwise, the heat will accumulate inside making life conditions unbearable. The opposite applies to a cold zone.
  • Cloth – Do not get cheap when it comes to the fabric of the store. Even if you only need it for a few days a year, a good fabric can save you a lot of problems. Sometimes it happens that a beautiful afternoon turns into a powerful summer rain at nightfall. If your store is made of good fabric, everything will be dry and pleasant inside, which will allow you to continue your charming time in nature.

These are the basic characteristics that you should look for when looking for a good tent. After buying the one you like, make sure you try it at home. When you arrive at the campsite, you need to know how to install the tent. Also make sure that all zippers are operational and that there are no holes or other problems with the fabric.

What to Bring Camping: What You Need to Take for an Enjoyable Trip

Now that you have the tent, it’s time to think what equipment you need inside the tent. We recommend leaving pillows and mattresses at home and enjoy camping as true adventurers. So what to wear for camping when it comes to bedding?

  • Sleeping bags That will keep you warm and welcoming. Choose the ones that adjust to the outside temperature of the area. If you have one for the winter, you will be too hot and if you have one for the summer and it is autumn outside, you will be cold.
  • Earth sheet To isolate your body from the ground. Even if it’s summer, you’ll need this canvas. The soil is cold at night and your body will quickly lose temperature in direct contact. It is recommended to place a layer of leaves, small branches and moss under the tent to act as insulation from the ground.
  • Sleeping pad also with the role of isolating it from the cold and improving its comfort level.
  • Air mattress and pump – If you feel that you can not sleep directly on the mat, you should take these items with you. It is easier to place an air mattress inside the store, because you can inflate it directly inside.

Other equipment should include an ax (to cut wood) and a professional knife to make fire and cut vegetation around. The flashlights should not be missing in your backpack and flashlights to place inside the store. Do not forget the rope and the adhesive tape. These are the universal elements that you need when something breaks.

Category # 2 – cooking in nature

We all know that cooking something on a campfire in the forest (of course, away from the trees) is extremely satisfying. The fire and fresh air give a new flavor to the food and make us feel healthier and better. The satisfaction is even greater when you can find your own food in nature such as mushrooms, fruits, fish, etc.

What to Bring Camping: What You Need to Take for an Enjoyable Trip

Still, most modern campers bring ready-to-cook with them. This is what you have to bring camping when we talk about kitchen equipment:

  • Camping stove – If you are not going to light a fire for cooking, you will need something to heat the food with
  • Gasfor the camp stove
  • Paper or plastic utensils, plates, cups. – If you do not want to eat with your hands and directly from the food container
  • Cutting board and a large bowl. Cut and mix the ingredients when preparing the food.
  • Can opener – Normally, camping food includes cans, so you will need a can opener for this
  • Various pots and pans – If you plan to cook big or if you stay more than a few days camping.
  • Paper towels clean your hands and clean up spills
  • Grill and fuel for grill – If you are the type of person / family of outdoor barbecue
  • Large water jug Have water around to cook and wash the dishes.
  • Thermos and refrigerators
  • Garbage bags – to collect everything after finishing eating.

As an article related to cooking you can include your fishing gear. Some freshly caught fish will look amazing on the grill or in the pan after a long day of fun in nature. Do not forget the waterproof matches and the fire starters. Also, be sure to stay up to date with the camping and fire regulations in the area.

Category # 3 – Clothing and personal items.

The same rule applies here as well: do not bring all the arsenal; Only take items that are absolutely necessary. This is what you have to take to camp in this area:

  • An extra change of clothing that will include pants (short and long), shirts (long and short sleeves), underwear, socks and anything else you consider necessary;
  • A jacket to keep warm during the night by the fire (even if there is a hot summer day, the temperature drops during the night);
  • A hat or scarf to protect you from the sun during the day. Although it may not seem like it, the sun is very powerful in the forest;
  • Sleepwear: avoid sleeping with the same clothes you wear during the day;
  • A swimsuit if you’re camping on the shore of a lake;
  • Rain clothes (you never know when you need them);
  • An extra pair of sturdy shoes: never go camping without them.

When it comes to personal items, your list should look like this:

  • Towels: to dry after a good bath or just to dry your hands and face
  • Soap and shampoo: if you are camping in a special area, you may have showers there. Soap is necessary to clean hands before and after eating.
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Deodorant and a folding brush (even if you live in a tent, do not forget about basic hygiene)
  • Sunscreen to protect the exposed skin (face, neck and arms). In general, you do not feel it, but you will burn at night if you do not protect your skin.
  • Women’s products
  • Toilet paper and other personal items that you consider absolutely necessary.

If you are not in a camping area with showers, you can improvise a purchase with a shower bag and a shower pump. You hang this in a tree and there you go, you shower.

Do not forget the medication. If you are not taking anything prescribed, take a little for the headache, stomach pain and injuries. Also, remember to carry the first aid kit at all times. Make sure you have bandages, gloves, aluminum foil, etc., new.

Category # 4 – optional items for convenience

Regardless of the fact that they are camping in the forest or on the seashore, many families consider it a vacation and they like to feel as comfortable as possible. Camping is the best way to combine spending time outdoors and having fun with the family, so comfort is important.

What to Bring Camping: What You Need to Take for an Enjoyable Trip

Even the smallest item you forget at home can make you feel uncomfortable, so make sure your list is complete before you begin to prepare.

Other items you would like to take to camp:

  • A small sewing kit to fix things that break during the trip.
  • A small folding shovel to dig latrine pits and flatten the area where you want to place your store.
  • Binoculars so you can admire the area and find the best places to visit.
  • Maps and a compass so you do not get lost in a wild area
  • Folding chairs for fishing and your own comfort.
  • Medications and candles insect repellents: there are areas where you will be attacked by ants, flies or mosquitoes and these objects will be priceless when this happens
  • Tablets and / or water purification filter to make sure the water you drink is pure
  • Emergency whistle so that people know if something is wrong or if there is a danger lurking.
  • Toys and games to pass the time: there will be no television or internet, so these articles will keep you away from boredom.

Camping is a really fun and relaxing activity that can lead to making new friends and seeing incredible views. Respect the rules of camping and put out the fires before going to sleep to make sure to protect the environment. Also, if you do not want your store to be attacked by insects, keep it closed at all times. If you respect these few rules and make sure that your camping equipment is complete, there is nothing that prevents you from having a good time with your family.


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