What to bring with you when leaving for barbecue, recipes for barbecue from lamb and pork, barbecue recipe for chicken in Coca-Cola.

When gathering with friends in the forest for barbecue, you need to remember not only to soak the meat on time. In addition to it, you must not forget to take with you a lot of things and products, without which you simply can’t do without.

What to bring with you when leaving for barbecue, recipes for lamb and pork skewers, barbecue recipe for chicken in Coca-Cola.

We offer you the option of “barbecue” which is suitable in most cases, going out or going to the forest for barbecue.

1. Soaked meat in a convenient container for transportation (pot, bucket, etc.)
2. Rye bread (1-2 loaves, depending on the number of people, for 1 person – 1/4 loaves).
3. Long loaf (1 or 2).
4. Pita bread (1 each).
5. Tomatoes (2 pieces each).
6. Cucumbers (fresh or pickled) (1-2 each).
7. Green onions.
8. Parsley.
9. Dill.
10. Cilantro.
11. Ketchup.
12. Mineral water (500 ml each).
13. Napkins.
14. Plates, forks.
15. Glasses.
16. Knife.
17. Brazier, firewood or coal.
18. Paper for kindling fire.
19. Matches.
20. Cardboard mahalka.
21. Simple water (for washing hands and maintaining proper fire) (at least 2 liters).
22. Soap.
23. Towel.
24. Tablecloth.
25. Garbage bags.
26. Salt.
27. Pepper.

In addition, you can take with you:

Jacketed or raw (for baking) potatoes.
Herring (for a snack).
Vodka or red wine (if you drink alcohol).

What to bring with you when leaving for barbecue, recipes for barbecue from lamb and pork, barbecue recipe for chicken in Coca-Cola.

Below are recipes for proper preliminary soaking of meat before going to barbecue.

Lamb kebab recipe.

For 1 kg of lamb (it is better to take the back, cut so that the slices are with fat) you need 10 heads of onion (red onion can be), 2 kg of tomatoes, herbs, 3 lemons, 4 tablespoons of vinegar, salt, pepper.

Cut the lamb into small pieces, salt, pepper, add 5 heads of finely chopped onions, put in a convenient but not metal dish, pour 4 tablespoons of white wine vinegar, cut into slices 5 lemons and put on meat. From above, the lamb must be pressed with a load so that it is buried in its own juice. After a couple of hours, the meat can be strung on skewers, alternating with tomatoes and onions cut into large pieces.

Pork BBQ Recipe.

For 1 kg of pork, you need to take 10 heads of onions, 2 kg of tomatoes, herbs, 5-6 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, salt, peppercorns, bay leaf, curry and other spices to taste.

After slicing the pork in small pieces, add salt, chopped onions, bay leaves, peppercorns, spices to taste, apple cider vinegar and, if necessary, 1/2 cup cold boiled water. Put under the press. After 2-3 hours you can cook kebab.

Coca-Cola Chicken BBQ Recipe.

Outdoors or when going to barbecue, you can cook not only the barbecue itself, which, by the way, is made not only from meat, but also from chicken, fish and even vegetables. But if you have a special grill (barbecue), you can surprise your friends with an original dish, the recipe of which we offer you.

Cut the chicken into small pieces and place for 2 hours in Coca-Cola. Then salt and barbecue. The chicken will be very soft, get a bright fried color and an unusual slightly sweet aftertaste.

Based on materials from the book “KGB Culinary Secrets, Misunderstanding”.
Smirnova L.

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