What to do if you are taken hostage, hostage taking. Recommendations of the FSB of Russia.

By coincidence, anyone can be held hostage by criminals. At the same time, criminals can achieve political goals, ransom, etc. In all cases, your life becomes a bargain for terrorists. Capture can occur in transport, in an institution, on the street, in an apartment. 

What you need to do if you are taken hostage, behavior in a crowd, hostage taking. Recommendations of the FSB of Russia.

If you are held hostage, we recommend that you adhere to the following rules of conduct:

Unexpected movement or noise can cause violent resistance from terrorists. Avoid actions that could provoke terrorists to use weapons and lead to human casualties.
Get ready for terrorists to use blindfolds, gag, handcuffs or ropes.
Transfer deprivation, insults and humiliation, do not look into the eyes of criminals (for a nervous person this is a signal for aggression), do not behave defiantly.
Do not try to resist, do not show unnecessary heroism, trying to disarm the bandit or break through to the exit or window.

If you are forced to leave the premises, saying that you are held hostage, do not resist.
If you have children with you, find a safe place for them, try to close them from random bullets, if possible be near them.
If necessary, comply with the requirements of criminals, do not contradict them, do not risk the lives of others and your own, try to avoid hysteria and panic.
In the event that medical assistance is needed, speak calmly and briefly, without unnerving the bandits, do nothing until you get permission.

hygiene. If you have health problems, make sure that you take the necessary medications with you, inform the guards about health problems, and if necessary, ask for medical care or medication. Be prepared to explain if you have any documents, phone numbers, etc..

Do not let your consciousness weaken. Develop a program of possible exercises (both mental and physical). Constantly train your memory: remember historical dates, last names of acquaintances, phone numbers, etc. As far as the strength and space of the room allow, exercise. Ask the guards if it is possible to read, write, use personal hygiene products, etc..

If you have been given the opportunity to speak with relatives on the phone, keep yourself in control, do not cry, do not scream, speak briefly and to the point. Try to contact the guards. Explain to them that you are also a person. Show them photos of your family members. Do not try to fool them. If the guards don’t make contact, talk as if to yourself, read poems in an undertone or sing.

Be sure to keep track of time, marking with the help of matches, pebbles or dashes on the wall the past days. If you find yourself locked in any room, then try to attract someone’s attention. To do this, break the window glass and call for help, if there are matches, light the paper and bring it closer to the fire detector, etc. Never lose hope for a successful outcome. Remember, the more time passes, the more chances you have to save

Prevention of the threat of terrorism in the air transport and airport.

If possible, try to take a seat at the window in the tail of the plane..
Minimize registration time.
Move closer to any shelters and exit.
Examine nearby passengers, pay attention to their behavior.
Talk with family members about the standard takeover situation.
Avoid visiting retail outlets and food outlets outside the airport security zone.
Immediately inform the flight crew or security personnel of unclaimed baggage or suspicious activity.

In the event of terrorist attacks at the airport.

Use any available shelter..
Fall even in the mud, don’t run.
Close your head and look away from the side of the attack..
Do not help security forces if you are completely unsure of the effectiveness of such actions..

If taken hostage by terrorists hijacking an airplane.

Imagine possible capture scenarios and your possible behavior in advance. Under no circumstances give in to panic, do not jump up, stay in the chair. Do not engage in bickering with terrorists, do not provoke them to use weapons, in the absence of special training, do not try to neutralize terrorists yourself, keep your neighbors from doing so.

Accept the humiliations and insults to which terrorists can subject you when you are taken hostage. Do not discuss terrorist affiliation with passengers. Avoid anything that might attract your attention. If among passengers there are crying children or sick moaning people, do not express your dissatisfaction, keep yourself in control. Any outbreak of negative emotions can explode an already heated atmosphere. Do not drink alcohol.

Whatever happens, do not try to stand up for the crew. Your intervention can only complicate the situation. Never resent the actions of pilots. The crew is always right. The flight attendant’s order is law for the passenger. Do not believe the terrorists. They can say anything, but pursue only their interests. Behave with dignity. Think not only about yourself, but also about other passengers.

If you saw that one of the crew members left the plane, in no case attract the attention of other passengers to this fact. The actions of the crew can be noticed by terrorists. If possible, be prepared for the moment of the beginning of the special operation to free the aircraft, if, by indirect signs, you feel that negotiations with them have failed.

If a rescue operation is to be undertaken, try to take a position so that the terrorists cannot capture you and use you as a human shield. Fall down, or hide behind the back of the chair with your head in your hands and stay there until you are allowed to rise. Security forces can take anyone who moves as a terrorist.

Leave the plane as quickly as possible. Do not stop to find personal items. Be prepared for the fact that you have to answer the questions of the investigators, and remember in advance the details of what happened. This will help the investigation and save your own time..

Actions in case of threat of a terrorist act.

Always control the situation around you, especially when you are at transport facilities, cultural, entertainment, sports and shopping centers. If you find forgotten things, without touching them, inform the driver, employees of the facility, security service, police authorities about this. Do not try to look inside a suspicious bag, box, other object.

Do not pick up ownerless things, no matter how attractive they look. Explosive devices may be camouflaged in them (in beer cans, cell phones, etc.). Do not kick objects lying on the ground on the street. If the activation of security forces and law enforcement agencies suddenly begins, do not show curiosity, go the other way, but not run, so that you are not mistaken for an enemy.

In the event of an explosion or the beginning of firing, immediately fall to the ground, preferably under cover (border, stall, car, etc.). For greater safety, cover your head with your hands. Having accidentally found out about the impending terrorist attack, immediately inform the law enforcement authorities.

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