What to do when attacking and attacking a bear, the usual precautions, how to prevent a bear from attacking, using an anti-bear spray and weapons.

If you encounter a black bear on a mountain trail, thank fate. Compared with white (polar) and brown bears, blacks attack a person much less often. The most aggressive type of bear is brown. North American subspecies of which is a grizzly bear. But the most hungry, and always, is a polar bear, and therefore, unlike black and brown, polar bears actively track people in the Arctic and hunt them.

What to do when attacking and attacking a bear, the usual precautions, how to prevent a bear from attacking, using an anti-bear spray and weapons.

Due to the great weight of the polar bear and impressive growth, these animals are formidable rivals that can rip the victim’s stomach with one blow of the clawed paw. After deliberate efforts were made to conserve the bear population throughout North America, the encounters and encounters of humans and these predators became more frequent..

Thanks to protective measures, the number of black bears has especially increased. Fortunately, in general, a bear attacks a person very rarely. The likelihood that you will suffer after meeting this animal is 1 in 2.1 million cases. From which it follows that the chances of dying during everyday activities are much higher. However, if you go hunting for moose in the mountains of Montana or go mountain climbing in Yellowstone, the risk increases significantly.

In addition, the probability of an accidental encounter with a bear in the suburbs cannot be completely ruled out. There, these predators are attracted to garbage containers. Or even in your own car, where the animal can climb.

Usual precautions to avoid bear attacks.

What causes a bear to attack a person most often? We are too keen to create comfortable conditions for ourselves. But leave enough space for bears in this world. Never get between a bear and her cubs. If you notice a bear from afar, change the route. Keep calm so as not to cause interest in the beast.

If it is not possible to change direction, stop for a while. When the bear disappears from your field of vision, wait another 30 minutes. If you notice bears nearby, start clapping and screaming, making a constant noise along the way. Bears have a great sense of smell, and therefore, when you stop for the night, resort to a proven strategy. Put all food in double bags and hang them above the ground.

Leave food, dishes, and cutlery at least 30 meters from the tent. Never camp near the excrement of bears or their trails. Store any flavored products (toothpaste, soap) with food and utensils. Do not sleep in the same clothes you cooked in. Since tissue fibers can absorb its odors.

If possible, go through the habitats of the bears with two or more partners. Bears do not usually attack groups. Carry a whistle and an anti-bear spray (a type of pepper spray). As practice shows, it is more effective at keeping a bear from attack than a gun.

Grizzly bears are currently endangered and protected in 48 states. Therefore, the killing of this animal will lead to a federal investigation and a complete forensic examination. If a bear is nearby and sees you, the situation becomes more dangerous. Start waving and making a noise. Often this strategy makes the bears stop first and then run away..

What to do when the bear attacks.

If the bear attacks, it means that it is time to use an anti-bear spray or to resort to weapons. Spray this spray at a time when the bear is about 12 meters away from you. If you shoot, aim below the chin or into the place immediately behind the front paws, if the animal is standing sideways towards you.

If you are unarmed, keep still. The bear can make a test attack to test your courage as a potential predator. And if he understands that you do not pose a threat to him, then, it is possible that he will lose interest in you.

Most experts agree that when a bear attacks, at this moment it is best to fall to the ground and pretend to be dead. By doing so, you will try to convince the animal that it has already completed its work. This approach really allows you to minimize the threat that you find yourself in the attack. Lie on your stomach to protect important organs, and put your hands on your neck to protect your arteries. Or curl up in an embryo position, covering the back of the neck with your hands.

Pretending to be dead is an effective strategy. The probability of success in its application is 75%. In most cases, the bears attack in order to defend themselves and, realizing that the person is not dangerous, retreat. Of course, in the wild nothing can be predicted for sure. Bears, although omnivorous, feed mainly on plants and fish, but, as you know, they love to feast on human flesh.

How to prevent a bear attack and survive if it still happened.

What to do when attacking and attacking a bear, the usual precautions, how to prevent a bear from attacking, using an anti-bear spray and weapons.

Never turn your back on the bear or try to run away from it. Both of these actions can make his predatory reflexes work, and you have no chance of overtaking a bear. This animal runs at a speed of almost 50 km per hour. Instead, slowly step aside, watching the beast to see all its movements.

If the game of the dead man does not make the bear lose interest in you, you will become, what happens rarely, a victim of a predator attack. In this case, the bear will want to kill you and possibly eat you. Therefore, you need to fight off him with any available weapon: knife, stick, stones, fists. Aim in the eye and nose, in a bear these are the most sensitive places.

Of course, there is no strict set of rules regarding how to behave when attacked by a bear. This is due, in particular, to the fact that such cases are extremely rare. Therefore, it is not surprising that the inhabitants of those places where the bears live sometimes get into disputes with each other about how to act in case of a grizzly attack. And how – when meeting with a black bear.

Some argue that in the first case it is better to pretend to be dead. And in the second, this is not necessary, as black bears are much less likely to attack people. At the same time, everyone agrees that pepper spray is the best way to contain bears. It is so effective that it is successfully used even by children who are not yet 10 years old..

Based on the book Survival in the Wild and Extreme Situations. 100 key skills in the special services methodology.
Clint Emerson.

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