What to do when meeting with a bear

It has been a lot of fun and a lot to know how it has been. Alas, in a direct collision, even a well-armed person does not always come out a winner. What can we say about an unarmed tourist who accidentally met a Bruin on his way. But here there are options.


The simplest – do not go where bears are found. No hike – no problem. It is still a case for bearish aggression. But alas, bears sometimes find themselves where they were not expected. Therefore, it’s necessary to minimize the casual contact. For this, remember the following:

  • The more noise – the better. It is your choice. His bear ass is no exception. If it goes, then it makes noise. So the predator.
  • Do not go alone. It is also a good option – even if it’s a break.
  • Dogs are your friends. It will help you take action. And they can also fight back here.
  • Avoid bear trails. There are a lot of them. It’s a great deal to keep meeting.
  • No scraps. Is something with something. Just a little worse than a dog. So they eat food instantly. Therefore, either deeply bury the leftovers, or burn them. By the way, it’s not like at all.

If it did not help

So, all the precautions did not help. This means only that you are not looking for a meeting. This may be a young individual, which is just curious; a hungry beast; a female that protects her cubs. Or something worse and more dangerous. So.

Curious bear.

The beast is just interesting. He is not aggressive, not hungry, just curious. So for a start, just start gently backing up. IN NO EVENT, DO NOT TURN THE BACK. Marvel at nature. An little closer to each other. You are bigger, cooler and stronger. Increase your height – raise your backpack above your head or climb on a sling. Take a stick in your hands and start waving it. Snarl loudly, preferably bass. (A funny fact – bears are often confused, therefore they are provoked. Well, or not, but they are provoked anyway.) – it’s perceived as a challenge. As a rule, these actions are enough. Even retreat is not necessary. But alas, it only works with young. If you don’t want to do so, you can choose from the paragraph above. Tree chase of success self defense with a knife are increasing. Also increases the chance to pretend to be dead.

The second option – a hungry bear

You are not interested in your backpack. And very much. So the best option is to share. It has been noted. Having received a bag of food, it gives you time to retire. It is the first time we depart, then we demonstrate, it’s not. If it doesn’t help, we are pretend to be dead. Down to your “mortal corpse”.

The third option – the female with cubs

She is interested in the young. This is a direct danger. So you almost immediately and defiantly attack. Resolutely moving on you, growling and trying to drive away. Fast back up – can help. Build yourself something – definitely by. Something with food – too. You can climb a tree – females of childbearing age are not enough. You can pretend to be dead. There is a chance, although less than in previous versions.

The fourth option – the most bad. Old / wounded hungry beast

Find your food. But for a conditionally “incapable” individual, human flesh becomes the only real option. So with almost all large predators works. If you have this option, alas, everything is very bad. You are not paying attention to the resistance. What to do in this situation.

  • Climb a tree. As a rule, you’re not a bit more options, purposefully attack people. And they climb pretty bad.
  • Toss a backpack in front of a bear. Yes, there is a chance. In any case, it is better to lose an expensive backpack than a priceless life.
  • Use a false or flare. Fear of fire, and even a specific burn, can interfere with the attack. And maybe, to bring the beast to a state of berserk.
  • In any case, you have a little chance. And if you bear, regardless of everything, you are caught up, then not at all. To pretend to be dead is useless. You are going to eat anyway, whether you are going to eat or not. What can I add? One of our readers gave this advice: “ You can not set a new record. The current is 12. “
  • But it can also happen to be a little bit faster than your “podrav”. I love you and your lair. It is not so difficult. Only very painful. But the shock and adrenaline in this even help. You will need to wait for a few leaves. But, again, you can catch up. And repeat.

So. If all this is summarized. If you are looking at it, try to impress him. If he is confidently and purposefully moves on you – try to “pay off”. If he defiantly attacks, it’s time to throw it. If you do not have time – pretend to be dead. It is not too great. This is a guideline for Canadian tourists. And yes, Canadians have no less problems than Siberians.

What to do when meeting with a bear

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