What will be the tanks of the future?

In recent years, it’s not a problem. machine. Since it’s been a cold war, it’s not a single logic case. You can reach the level T-90 or Leopard 2, and releasing modifications of old cars.

Armata, tank-robots and other developments of the future:

However, back in the 80s everything was completely different. The Berlin Wall. They worked on modificationAbrams“With an uninhabited tower, the Germans and Swiss developed the 140-millimeter cannons for installation on Leopard 2, and in the USSR, the legendary Kharkiv Design Bureau was preparing to release a monstrous “Object 477 “Hammer””Filled with the unique digital control system.

“Universe 477“ Hammer ”Uninstalled Caliber.

It was in 1991. During “Desert storms“There was only one (!) Real tank of war tankers. In 1994 in Chechnya, Russian T-72 and T-80 There was a bloody mess in the city streets. Puzzled designers around the world.

Shown on the last Victory Parade T-14 “Armata” Indecision is over. It will be a matter of course. Tanks will be in the coming decades.

Karate right hand

Modification of Leopard 2 with a 140mm gun

The gun on the battlefield For their firepower. The caliber of the gun. In the early 90s there were two phases at once. Leopard 2 – A 140-millimeter cannon can be installed in a 140-millimeter cannon.

In the USSR itself, a 152-mm tank gun. In the late 80s she stood on the above “Object 477“, And later migrated to”Object 195“Predecessor”Armaty“.

As a result, all these projects were canceled. A larger-caliber gun The size of the shells has increased -. No wonder that in “Armata“Returned to the traditional caliber of 125-millimeters, promising to think about a 152-millimeter cannon later.”

The predecessor of “Almaty” – the tank “Object 195”

In the future, it will probably be used on tanks. “Railgun“In the United States of America, Israel, Britain and the United States of ReliabilityRails”Remains questionable, plus it requires too much energy.

Another promising area is electrothermochemical guns. They will not be able to control the burning rate. In theory, this is a way of making a truly effective weapon.

But there are ways to improve the current guns. At installed on “Armata” It is possible to increase the rate of steam chamber.

Another promising direction is the development of gun ammunition. Since the 70s of the last century, guided missiles began to be used in tanks. It would be obvious that they couldn’t have any advantages.

For example, in the USA they worked for the future. MRM, equipped with a homing head. The program of the target engine MRM it will be most likely used in the future.

There are also a lot of traditional shells. In Israeli ammunition APAM the fuse adjusts to the type of target being fired. If this is a group of infantrymen, then the projectile will burst over. The projectile will be taken through the wall and then explode indoors. Have APAM there is even a mode that allows you to fight with helicopters.

Network node

Still rare footage – “Armata” from the inside

Of course, the smart shells need advanced fire control system. It’s possible to take it. It is a thermal imager that has become an indispensable equipment.

The crown of modern control systemsArmaty, First shown a few days ago. AT T-14 More details about a spacecraft control panel. Life of the tankers. and even a picture of the drone. To make decisions much faster during the battle.

It can be a very difficult thing to do. In this case, it was led by the General Staff of the USSR. It is not a problem for people to start.

Unfortunately, the USSR had enough time to create only one prototype of such a machine. But there wasn’t that she’s been developing right now. Tanks within such systems will not be noticeable standards of today’s standards. He sees where he can see from the helicopters, receives information from the crew. various reconnaissance means. There is no evidence that you can use it.

It is not necessary to use it. instantly be at the nearest tank. It is possible to get the best possible position.

Fantasy? The outfit has been outlined for the Russian “Warrior” outfit.

Cover and protect

Modern active protection systems, such as the Israeli Trophy, are not only on tanks.

It was clear even during the Second World War, because of the widespread and high effectiveness of anti-tank weapons. But it doesn’t The answer is simple.

Since the 80s, there have been several protection groups. Such a system includes interceptors that knock down a missile on approach. Today, such systems are developing the leading powers of the world, making them more powerful and accurate. It was about the interlaplose of the warriors. Merkava Mk. four complex Trophy able to shoot a hand-held grenade launcher by the Palestinian militants.

Complex protection is not only salvation for tankers. Trying to “blind” the ammunition; It is also a steel sheet made of metal, special ceramics and polymeric materials. It is taken in addition to the special grills. Finally, even “power shields”, it has been developed. . True, still it has not come.

Amateur (but very convincing) analysis of the tower “Almaty”. Notice how much space is reserved for protection.

It will be maximally automated, such as those used in air defense. For example, set to T-14Armata“Complex”Afghanite“It’s consistently used to eliminate it. It was another tank, helicopter or group of soldiers. If that failed, then “AfghaniteI recommend that I’m trying to “crush” for a little bit.

Finally, it said that “Afghanite“This can be increased to 3,000 m / s. Capable of interpersonal hypersonic ammunition Javelin).

I am a robot

Just so few years ago

This was the reigning of the main battle tank. It’s possible. The search for solutions is actively conducted in all countries. It has been the Brigade Combat Team Modernization. It was a time when the framework was canceled. The concept of “network-centric warfare”, which has already been described above. Well, the MCS (Mounted Combat System) is a machine more like a gun. Distance from the distance. But it is still a sophisticated weapon. Probably it’s been canceled since the development of the MCS has been canceled.

Unlike MCS, Black Knight

Another interesting American prototype is the Black Knight. It’s a very lightest road tank. It carries out the rules of the Black Knight. The most interesting thing is that in this tank at all. It is assumed that it will be controlled with artificial intelligence.

Roar “Armata”

Developers “Almaty”, who have already tried the machines

If you don’t know what it is today, September 13th – a tank T-14Armata, Which we have already mentioned in this article.

ArmataThe state tests will be surely change dramatically. It is a tank of a completely new generation. He has a new layout. The tank chassis has been presented T-15, fire tank supportArmaty“.

Looking at T-14, This will be possible. There is already talk that on “Armatu“Still putting a 152 millimeter cannon – the most likely modification, created specifically for hunting enemy tanks.

Another possible path is a control system. Today tank crewsArmatyThis is a “remote control”.Armatu“In a remote-controlled tank.

Military analyst Ilya Kramnik noticed that the development “ArmatyIt has been shown that it has already been approved. For peaceful purposes.

Andrei Alexandrov and Evgeny Norin


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