What you do if you were buried alive. Myths and Reality

Horror stories about how some person buried alive, There are more from the middle ages, if not earlier. And then they were not horror stories, but the facts. It couldn’t have happened. Rumor hasn’t been a writer.

As for our time, the chances of being buried alive Hardly ever. It is a fact that it’s not a problem. You will understand that the autopsy has been shown to be a problem. ”

Okay Relatives of relatives were categorized. It sometimes rolls in our country. In that case, the chance that you buried alive, appears. There are two options: it can be used as an alternative. But even here it is not a fact.

At one time there was a wonderful show on the Discovery Channel – “Mythbusters”. It was possible. And in one series, they still came yes funeral alive. If you’re looking for a wall, you’ll be able to take a few steps. Slowly fall asleep ground. The tester lost his nerve, as the metal coffin began to DEFORM. So alas, even with expensive coffins.

The second option is you buried alive Evil bandits, CIA agents, reptilians from the planet Nibiru. It’s not. But ok, let’s say these gentlemen were generous and still gave you the right packaging. The most likely is to reduce the amount of energy that it causes.

Okay, let’s say you’ve been very frivolous, since you’ve been the one who’s grave-diggers are clattering. It is not a clear idea. What then does the internet recommend?

“First of all, do not panic.” Brilliant. It can be extended – no longer exists, on the psyche. There are two meters of earth above you. Do not panic. Yeah of course. That’s right, everyone can easily pull themselves together. Plus, it is important to consider the fact that funeral alive – minimal. And it will be spent.

“Check if you have the opportunity to call.” Yes, some are already buried with mobile phones. But, it’s not even catching the connection to the subway! Here we are talking about two meters of land, which become a wonderful obstacle to any signal. Plus, you still have the charge left. In short, the chances are at least.

“Lift the shirt over your head. The width of the coffin is from 50 to 70 centimeters. Are you sure that such manipulations are possible in such a limited space? At least it will be difficult. It is generally unrealistic.

“In the middle of the coffin. Either use a belt buckle. It is not necessary, but I’m not sure I’ve seen it. ” buried alive, This trick was able to repeat. But it wasn’t even the spiteful Chinese flooring. And you probably didn’t have such a teacher. With the legs, you can hardly bend them at the knees. Again, while you are more oxygen intensively consumed. And I love keep quiet.

Total so you can recover after you buried alive, you need a confluence of extremely circumstances. But even if it happens, you have no chance to get out. Is that a miracle happens. On the other hand, phobia is quite common. I’m not sure if I’ve been able to make a statement. Made with a coffin. And also commonplace tactical knife, increase your chances in dealing with the cap.

It is a plan of action for a person, even for such incredible cases. And such preparation can really save a life, and even not one.

What you do if you were buried alive. Myths and Reality

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