What you need to know about survival with a baby

Surviving single hero?

One person travels around the ruined world. Well, at best, he has a dog. He often gets to the “right” reasons. And there is a feeling that he wants to be.

But guess – what?

Children do not have small children. There are teenagers, and can largely act independently. And I (Dave Merrill, author of the article – ed.) Do not blame the publishers for this. In the story, it was a scourge of enemies, roar of the monster’s motor.

So whats your baby in his arms? Be interested to find out.

It will make it possible to make it a little bit more. Airliner pilot.

It is likely that we’re guessed with the “address” If you’re in a situation of life, you’re ready to end.

However, you can still teach you something. As an example, it’s not a problem.

In addition, condoms can be leaky – if they can be found at all in the post-apocalyptic world.

It is not their fault. You cannot verbally reassure, persuade or persuade them. They are helpless, weak, and completely unprepared for such a situation – many of them cannot even fall asleep on their own.

Many children die. Sometimes it comes from the body of the guardians. We want to rely on chance. We train because it gives us a chance of survival. So let’s take some lessons. survival with children and for children rendered from the mistakes of others.

“Baby” disturbing bag

Immediately after buying an alarming backpack. If you’re most likely to have a detailed view of the content. alarm bag for your baby. In fact, it is easy to add some additional elements (in many cases you can already have), survival kit baby

On the photo is the disturbing backpack of the author, & quot; disturbing bag & quot; for his baby and kangaroo bagIn the photo is an alarming backpack for his child, and a kangaroo bag

In my case, the main stumbling block in picking baby alarm bag The question became “bag to use?”. I find it best for alarm bag suitable backpack rigid and modular. The backpack is able to carry it around.

In the end, I opted for a backpack from Tactical tailor. Originally designed to be worn on the back, using factories.

Tightness is very important. Packing up your bag with a ziplock bag. It is best to have several variants of bags of different sizes. It is necessary to carry it on.


You need to think carefully about their clothes. She should not be nice ().

For the winter and for the winter. It is a harder with a child – for two months.

It is advisable to buy clothes for a couple of larger, and in & quot; second-hand & quot; - for financial reasons.“Second-hand” – for financial reasons.

It is a little raincoat bag. The downside is that babies get her dirty very quickly.

Blankets and warm blankets are often necessary even in hot weather. If there is no need for warming, they can be used as tents. If your baby isn’t comfortable

Diapers and Sanitation

Like clothes, diapers come in different sizes. They need to be updated periodically. You should have several disposables alarm bag. But the baby will be “dry” much longer. It is a fact that it can make it.

Take medicine with your baby. Be sure to take antipyretic and child pain medication.Take medicine with your baby. Be sure to take antipyretic and child pain medication.

I always have wet wipes and disposable tissue with me. Put in baby bag baby hypoallergenic soap and baby powder. Individually pick up medicines for your child (febrifugal, anesthetic, teething, nail clippers, etc.).

Did your baby have a stuffy nose? I personally taught to blow my nose. These are the joys of education. I can also advise you.

Food and water

Having drinking water is very good. If you travel with your child. It is easy to make a case of dehydration from dysentery: It doesn’t linger in the baby anyway, it is not.

For baby baby alarm bagFor baby baby alarm bag

Even if your baby is just breastfed, you still need plenty of water. What for? Well, if mommy is dehydrated, she can lose breast milk. Get a hungry child and a sick partner.

If you’re not happy, you’ll have to go.

Food in advance. Monster potatoes in jars. This is all nonsense. With your child, you can eat it.


If you are in a car, this is not a problem. Difficulties begin when you leave the car. Of course, you can’t be able to remove obstacles. In addition, the hands will always be busy.

You can still put children’s things. But I didn’t have enough problems. Secondly, with your baby on your back, you cant carry an extra backpack. Once you get a little bit of it, you’ll get it.

You ask me what am I doing? I carry it in my head. First, hands are free, you have access to weapons. Secondly, you can wear a backpack. And, finally, you can control your child.

It looks like it’s just a piece of paper. Of course, it can be fraught. What seems haphazard is actually very thought out. Believe it or not, there is a whole subculture of carrying a child. It is convenient for both parties. Study these recommendations.

Options for carrying the child

1. Improvised sling

This sling was made from cotton t-shirts.This sling was made from cotton t-shirts.

For a homemade “kangaroo” fit and a beach towel. Searching for the Internet.

If you are in an emergency, take care of your child.

2. Kangaroo Backpack

Of all the kangaroo bags, I’m KinderPackOf all the kangaroo bags, I’m KinderPack

As a rule, a kangaroo backpack is a high intensity use. It makes it easy to adjust for your child.

3. Sling on the rings

On the photo - Cassiope Woven slingOn the photo – Cassiope Woven sling

Sling the child.

It can however be carried out.

4. Women sling

On the photo is Oscha Slings shawl. My wife prefers him.On the photo is Oscha Slings shawl. My wife prefers him.

This is a universal remedy. Up to pre-school age.

You can even carry a wounded adult, in a pinch. Among other things, it can be used as a blanket or hammock.

Stealth mode

Do not forget that you are with the clock noise. Your baby will cry and scream. You can not blame him. But there are always times when you need to be quiet.

In general, it should be duplicated. And especially - his favorite toy.In general, it should be duplicated. And especially – his favorite toy.

You probably know what the child is the most warmth in the world. And the dummies are generally the child’s outfit. You must make sure that you can prevent loss of it.

Favorite toy is perfect for a happy silence. But there is no problem. alarm bag. My daughter walks everywhere with a mutant bee dragonfly named Hamilton, but she is in a bag.

A good big lollipop also works for your child. Make sure the child doesn’t choke.

Pacifier on the ropePacifier on the rope

Well, I want to keep a dental ring in my anxious bag.


This is a group of survivalists. Most likely a spouse, relative, roommate, friend will become a member of your team. But not a bunch of survival experts.

It’s a challenge to make it possible for you to move away from civilization. Ideal for the child group survival.

But … it is a pure utopia. If you haven’t yet understood If you lose your benefits.

Do not believe? Try to get out in the car. In the equipment and skills. So learn and be prepared for any situation!

About the author: Dave merrill – A veteran of the United States Marine Corps and an avid tourist. His passion for canoeing and mountaineering It is also a moderator on the zombie forum.

Original article – Bugging Out with a Baby
Translation – Yuri Ignatov

Survive with a child: What do you need to know about survival with a baby

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