When BP comes? Think twice!

It’s not even a plan. “B“, It is rather a plan”E“or even”F“.

In one blog about “hard times BP“There is a protein hunting in times of hunger. It’s not a rule of thumb. But I want to make my own adjustments. (I’m sure I’m not so shy away from the topic.)

For a long time I have been doing protein hunt and, like most of you, I see them everywhere in the city. Repeatedly, I thought that protein for your family.

I propose to immediately separate from the facts: squirrel abundance If you are deprived of other food. And everyone who is going eat protein more than a week, will remain hungry. In fact, they are not as nutritious as you can imagine.

Suppose you even get about a pound of meat from an average squirrels – best case scenario. Con, it will be about 540 calories per animal. It seems to be a lot of it. If your diet is, say, 2000 calories a day, you are going to cover squirrel for each family member daily.

In urban areas lives about 5-6 protein per acre or 4000 square meters. m. (about 2 individuals in the countryside). Youn’t follow, huh for each squirrel in sight, you will clean 3 acres (12,000 sq. m) of urban area every 4 days. But you are not alone! In this scenario, how long will it last protein population?

If you look at it you can get about 2750 “squirrelcalories with each acre (4000 sq. m.). This is simply not enough.

There are fewer protein, and they are harder to hunt. If you only have a small piece of land, it will be narrow very quickly.

Make it up squirrel hunting weapon for a rainy day (I personally have one such thing). Do not forget to buy and cartridges such as long rifle .22 caliber, your diet squirrel meat more than a few weeks, and that is at best.

Therefore, when BP comes, think twice!

Butt hungry and dark times there is no doubt that it will protect the farm, rather than just a pistol for self-defense.

Posted by: billj

When BP comes? Think twice!

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