When the dog attacks, self-defense, protection of children

If you’re on the road

It is a painful shock from a bite. It is intuitively aimed at strengthening, if necessary.

It is a rule of thumb. It is a blood transfusion of blood (from which many “float”, even if you have the strength to fight). Know that if there is no weapon, then it will be bite to one degree or another. But if you fight and win, it will be much less.

The pain is different – strong, very strong, sharp, dull, local, general, tolerant, intolerable, painful shock. To endure (ignore) unbearable pain is impossible. It is turned off. This is a purely psycho-physiological phenomenon. It is not governed exclusively by the autonomous mechanism.

Fight dog

You can’t be bored with the crunch of a dog? And it’s not just about the joints of the hands. For 5 seconds at the knee joint. He then barely “pumped out.” And it is to restore the joints.

Dog tactics she is the jerk of the most painful. Therefore, it’s trying to keep it up. Resist useless, only exacerbate injuries.

When attacking in hand Do you need to be pushed? This will make her grip. But keep her knees strongly all body. The second hand can be hollowed into the skull, the junction of the jaws. But you can only beat if you can. Otherwise, you can break out. Knock it out.

If you’re likable, you’ve been pushing your skin on it. The dog in the groin.

You must still be a hit.

Threw you in At this time, it will be running. Another option is to hit your finger in the eye. We would be ready for it. It is a fact that it makes it possible to make it. dogs, but it will give them up, only in case of failure of view). We must be prepared for this.

It has been said that he has been reached. Shelf sheathing her horse Of course, he wiped her hand.

Attack in the body. Two options, one end. In the limb. Summer bites into the body, limb. The funeral of the best for her (as taught). She will seek this sensation if the first attack failed. When it comes to the face, abdomen, groin and armpits. It is not necessary to wait for an ambulance. It can hold the stomach, it is very hard to resist (severe pain). But this still applies to specially trained dogs. It is not a rule. Therefore, it’s better to do so. Because it can be a dog. Often, it wasn’t a dog, but it didn’t have been taught.

When the dog jumps, you can “go past the line of attack” Again.

How to remove a dog

If you’re running, you’ll not be able to get rid of it. Grab with a twist. Right for the groin and pull up with a simultaneous cry “Fu!”. Pull heavily upward so that the legs are off the ground. Jaws to unclasp with groove. If you pull the dog from the victim, the wounds will be torn. If the dog – everything is clear, if the bitch grabs everything that is there, strongly and also pull. Bitches tend to be more sensitive to touch in the groin area. I love you tail. It is not a problem.

Farther. Keep in mind – 99 percent of that dog switch to you. How to make it difficult? Depends on the place of fight. If there is any, it is. When attacking, meet with foot or give up. You can use a stick, pipe, (if any). Beat backhand, more than once. Let me remind you (except for pit bulls). The dog will stop aggression.

What to do when attacking a dog is not necessary

Kick off the dog it is theoretically possible, not only for hands, but also for legs.

About interrupting the spine. First, the dog is fast and difficult to get into. We must soberly assess their capabilities.

To choke theoretically possible. But it’s a bit tangled without biting. , give yourself a choke. In general, it is a bit of a high probability. If you grab your legs while strangling cut off oxygen. But how realistic is it?

Beat the dog on the head, torso, paws almost useless (if you are not a bone breaker). This is the dog, most likely, even more angry. Beating on the eyes is also doubtful.

This is a story about the dog? Go get besides, bite. And will it stop? It can be a painful adrenaline?

It is theoretically possible to get hit.


Theoretically, you can get bored.
And practically – as someone lucky …

From the book M. Didenko, “Self-defense without weapons”

Self defense

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