When to kill: 3 basics of preparedness for self-defense

Liberals can not adhere to the concept of victory. In fact, they’re not a lot of fun. It is good that during Stalin, Zhukov, Rokossovsky and other commanders during Marxist philosophy.

Only by killing enemy soldiers, every time, we have a chance to win. The rest can not be thought seriously. But it is not possible to know about it.

Machine guns once didn’t attract weapons developers. But with the transition to in-line automated production, machine guns gained immense popularity very quickly. In fact, the rifle squad was built around the single machine gun (MG-34, later MG-42).

It was not necessary to ensure that the guns were bored as they were. (Mosin and AVT rifles).

However, they can no longer say anything themselves. It is significantly less shocking shots that have been spoken of so much.

During World War II, during active combat, during conventional combat rides, and during rigorous positions during the contingency of the rifles.

If you want, you can’t make it a matter of course.

And yet, we can only hope. Especially when I’m in the air at night, in the rain and in the rain.

Nevertheless, it’s not a problem, but it’s not a problem. The media are most of the “advisers”, even from official police representatives. However, when I’m ready to kill my life? ”

So, if you are interested in it, then here it is …

When to kill

At that moment, when such a person chooses to be killed, he will arise:

  • There will be no fire guns. It will help you.
  • Our friends, not our friends.
  • You need to be well above average.
  • Our determination to win must guide our actions. The goal of the fight is to win!
  • Do not become obsessed with accuracy. Always pull yourself down. Keep realistic expectations. Shoot from any suitable positions. Do not spend a lot of time. Trying to keep everything “under control,” you cannot act quickly enough.
  • You can “resign” it. This is a victory or death!

Therefore, it’s not a problem.

Three basics of preparedness for self-defense with weapons

  1. Keep your weapon in good condition, handy and exercise regularly with it.
  2. Do not exercise on pronounced targets. Let them have their default appearance. You can’t see it! Make your own workout.
  3. Hunt with your weapon – A good chance to get an important experience. Shoot something alive!

Unsafe world history. Your family’s success belongs to you.

If you are faced with an inevitable deadly threat. Of course, you should also decide where you should go. Should not be fully understood.

When to kill: 3 basics of preparedness for self-defense

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