Where did humanity go?

I want to move away a bit from the “Survival” and talk about the simple human relationships. It can be a fight, but not a war. Of course, this is all a metaphor, so focusing on it is tantamount to stupidity …

I saw the following situation:

In the notorious “Yellow Bogdane” (these are our minibuses), She intelligently opened the window. After something few people lost their human appearance …

The weather in these days is capricious, and you will never guess what “this lady will throw out” right now. Rather than cool stream of air. It has been carefully tried. And then I heard a portion of such select mats, from which the hair has become.

Soot cramped. He didn’t have In the minibus there were children who heard it all. It was “noticing” who looked away. In the minibus there were “men” who strenuously ignored what was happening. Well, the driver, who was quietly quietly show this show.

No one stopped this wretched creature. Finally, this individual left the transport. Suddenly, I noticed that the granny’s disappeared from sight. Peres to her, I saw that she lost consciousness …

Well, what happened then, of course … First aid, etc. (I will tell you this is not easy and scary …). This is a driver who has been a member of the Ukrainian family of bydloty. I’m calling him out, I’m not going to The driver doesn’t stop. I’m demanding that I’m waiting for the ambulance

– Sischish! I didn’t hire a volunteer here! I have a route …

Well, here I have already completely broke the bar. Having “forgotten”, I “poured” it always flawlessly. The “minibus got up”, the “Brazilian-style disassembly”.

It is a fact that I’ve been on the way. Nauseous to look at it all. People! Where did your humanity go? Where did compassion, understanding and desire to help evaporate?

I’m shouting out those … sile sile cattle. And I am a citizen of this country.

Guys! Why do they? But it gets a buzz from this life. Are you still scolding power? Then it would be better to make it better. They threw a goby on the ground? Gobbled up shawarma and threw up a piece of paper on the asphalt? Nassali on the door of the entrance? Obmali elderly person?

Oh yeah! This world makes you really happy! You will be happy. Stop shifting responsibility on other people’s shoulders. That’s when you deserve the title of “Man”, and then there will be something to talk about …

I do not want to draw any conclusions. It is good and what is bad …

Where did humanity go?

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