Who are the PMCs come from

Who are they mercenaries, and where they come from PMCs, or Private Military Companies

Mercenary (“Soldier of Fortune”) – a person entering armed conflict It’s not the international community’s political ideology. – According to Wikipedia.

What kind of people are these? Yes, the most different. From once professional military It was a woman who thought that she was a little girl. … “, took a look at the former Navy (very harsh warriors by the way).

You can not continue the list so much. professional military. Here you and our ex paratroopers, and ex marines US Army, and a diverse European audience. From former royal marines British her majesty paratrooper, an increase of two meters and a completely Nordic appearance (in Africa, for example, these are absolutely enchanting). It can even be a Chinese one. Well, you can just finish the adventurers, adrenaline, criminals and personalities.

It’s a very difficult thing to do. There are two legs, two hands, one hands and one foot. The ass is also there, for some, by the way. In short, people are like people. Everyone comes to this field. It goes without a trace. mercenaries. He finds ways to occupy himself. It is not a long time ago. It is not only self-injurious. And one thing, one accidentally, one accidentally, one should not be able to get in.

In short, there is a philosophical treatise on the subject of “Mamo, to whom Ladsknecht?”

This is a non-trivial assessment. The spread is painfully wide. It was a shouting, shouting “Hu!” (The cry of rangers), but he could happily sigle overboard the plane with the cry “Geronimo!” (the marriage call of the British paratroopers), but he couldn’t have been able to lay out the buses under the “Allah Akbar …” ()).

So puzzle, who are these mercenaries?

The fact is that disassemble the phenomenon “mercenary“The situation as it is PMC. Of course, it’s not necessary to understand the concepts between these concepts. But to understand that more closely, it is necessary.

First, a little history. To summarize a bit, the first PMC can be considered a whole country – Switzerland. It was in the gates for money. The fertile times were not burdened by either. Therefore, it is according to the laws of the market. There is a demand – there is a proposal. And since they were fighting at that time, both items were always available.

Switzerland just was the main supplier of high quality hired infantry. Of course, then there were often no comments, but in general landsknechts under the roof of a growing and emerging state, which we now know Switzerland.

Slightly dilute the history of linguistics

And what is PMC basically? Stands for Private Military Company (in rare cases – Corporation). In Russian version PMCPrivate Military Contractor, in more more accurate translation – Private Military Contractor. The concept of a contractor. Almost like a Tajik builder. It’s a bit of a matter of fact. And as practice shows, very much can.

In the end, the fundamental difference between mercenaries by the public – pirates Sir Francis Drake in the British Crown, with a snow-white sailboat and “noble tales” about him. Somalis, hungry fishing boat It doesn’t change. Both IRL options are just robbers at sea. This is the twentieth case. In the royal families, now private corporations, were upheld. There is no difference.

With mercenaries the same garbage is absolutely. So what is the point?

It is a scary quest. Private Military Corporation (Private Military Corporation). There was such an office, called United fruit (United fruit), it was organized long before the birth CIA, and even before Oss (predecessors CIA), already in 1899, and 50 years honestly served the interests of American colonial capitalism. Until in the early 40s they were hooked to the very Oss (Management Strategic Servicesfor the United States throughout the region. Which way? And whatever.

In resources and funds are not limited. Bribes, punitive operations United fruit pedivikyu, there is written a rare crap, and even flawed).

In short, no matter how but interests must be respected. And, of course, it was impossible to scroll through all this. America was still embarrassed to their countries of interest (yes, there were such times). Officially, the office has been engaged throughout the South American region.

Incidentally, it’s not a problem. This is a small trading company. However, it has turned out to be a red-star roof, along with United fruit and CIA waited for the most severely oblomaytis. After that, the office was turned off.

It is a long time for the 70s of the last century. It is a fact that the number of divisions of the “Fruit Empire” John kerry, who (ah, what a suddenness) is currently the largest lobbyist of interests PMC in the us government.

So, United fruit – this is essentially the first PMC modern history. And it is the scale of the corporation.

There was no doubt that she had the interests of the private shop. However, it’s not a problem.CIA).

It is possible to say that the dawn of the era began. PMC

In general, until the early 80’s the concept itself PMC in principle, absent. There were informal associations of mercenaries, cohesive, as a rule, experienced and charismatic commanders. The most famous and memorable can be called Bob denard, Mike hoare and Siegfried muller (pedivikiya and gossip book). Plus, there has been a challenge for geopolitical problems.

Let’s do anything, even president finish, the main thing to pay accordingly.

It is worth explaining, for example, that this is not freemenoil of the 70s, when it comes to the African continent, the British Petroleum, the Texaco, and other players oil market.

How do you understand where oil, there is geopolitics. It has been decided that it’s not a problem. times). It has been noted that it has been the case of the international armed forces.

Those who want to watch a good movie “Shooter“(Shooter) there everything is told and for dummies:

300 bodies were buried in Eritrea. Men, women, children … Just under the tower.
the shooter (c)

As you understand, solving such problems. By the way, one of the reasons that PMC popular to this day. For a couple of thousands of people. And the mercenaries do not stop such underworking. On the contrary, such episodes in the creative biography, the better. It will be up to the deal with potential opponents / victims. It may not even be necessary to shoot, they will scatter with a scream.

But freeer comes to an end. It’s not always a matter of seriousness. If you come to understand And when it comes to MONEY, then there can be no question of any patience at all.

One way or another, they started to press the freemen. Where are the financial mechanisms, where physical measures of exposure / intimidation. And some people were assaulted by exploring polonium. And as you know, “it is never empty,” especially when it comes to money and resources. It wasn’t taken for the sensitively deserted niche, but organized by PMCs.

A curious point is that the phenomenon itself mercenary through the standards of international law, through and through is illegal. But the activity PMC (despite the fact that they are engaged in the same). What’s the catch? And nothing. Private military company under the contract, as a rule, performs only a security function. That is, from a legal point of view Chop (Private security company). There are no rules for a lawn. it is a little bit losy (I certainly exaggerate, but very very).

This is a private property. But feel the difference!

It is clear that on PMC There are various types of weapons. For example, there is a ban on attack aircraft, operating in South America.

And it’s always the case for loopholes. For example, when some private warriors ride on the tanks Where did they come from then? The circumstances of the force majeure are captured, but they are not subject to any circumstances. And ride on unresponsive niggaz on them can be absolutely nebrobranno.

And that is typical of such “loopholes” the sea is bottled. As a rule, they are not seeking to cover them. What, however, suggests.


Who are the PMCs come from

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