Who is a survivor?

Why should i be survivor? It is a question of what kind of group it is. Maybe try to figure it out?

Boys, this article, I don’t persuade you to become a survivalist! If you want to draw attention to other aspects of our environment. For example …

  1. The Survivor is a man who thinks about tomorrow. Rates of the dollar, price of oil, etc., etc. … Why do I have to go round and 400 rounds in a safe?
  2. The Survivor is a person who is drawn to knowledge. He is studying. Constantly. Survival skills in the Arctic, Khmer, crossbow shooting with explosive cartridges from t90. All that is being studied. It benefits.
  3. The Survivor is a man who is ready. For your surroundings. He will not doubt where anyone is. Country, land and the people around the highest value.
  4. The Survivor is a man of ideas, a man of community, a man of ideas. We are all different, but we still understand, and we never understand.

Hell with it. I would like to see a healthy society. Those who think. And those who see. Sunshine everyone!

Who is a survivor?

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