Why are people afraid to defend themselves?

“It’s a bit of a funk.” This is the link. there are descriptions of situations self defense by the people themselves (in English).

On the one hand, I can, of course, get to the bottom of the answer.

If everything is so simple (and in general, maybe, I invented all these stresses), then why are so many hoplofobov? Why so many people who afraid of weapons more than attacking yourself? Why are so many who say that to criminals we must give it a second chance. What do you need to negotiate?

I understand that threatens their lives of loved ones. Moreover, there are plenty of people who are encroaches on their property. Moreover, shoot to kill. And almost all (if not 100%) will shoot at the rapist.

Guys, you understand, if a person deliberately carries pistol, knife or any other means of self-defense – he is ready to apply it. The greatest possible efficiency and cruelty. The key point here is “CONSCIOUS”. That is a person who understands what weapon, It means that he weapon I love you, youn’t be able to know what to do. there). It’s not a problem. And if necessary, he will take another life to protect myself and close.

Agony about what has been done. They say “if the situation was repeated itself,” However, it can’t be stress. After all, he can have a tantrum. It’s not true that you’ve been killed. there was no weapon.

So, I see that read me. But this doesn’t mean that I’m not talking about other categories of people. Do not understand that to the intruder, who gathered do harm, give the most hard symmetrical response in terms of preventing self harm. This is possible. They are valuable.

If you were beaten, you are to blame. Must be able to negotiate

Where does this opinion come from? Mostly from upbringing, punishment, or even punishment.

These people have been told conflict It is your fault. Because you could not solve conflict in words or “safe” action – “and you’re alive and healthy!”. And if you are not guilty.

The girl was fucked up. You shouldn’t have to be angry, you shouldn’t have to be angry, you shouldn’t have to be angry …

So, such people are also very many. A huge amount of them. And just these people are subject to that very stress. Moreover, the stress they have from the fact resistance to the aggressor. This is aggravated by the stress. Because two things enter into the confrontation:

  • wondered man out;
  • he wondered in the way.

Therefore for overcome this stress repeated experience of victories. He forceful opposition it is not a kind of options. Moreover, sometimes the simplest, and sometimes the only one.

The problem is only one. People with cocks, as a rule, do not come to learn protect yourself. They prefer to live in their own world. It can be a question. talk about them. Just because I have to deal with them, unfortunately, with enviable regularity.

Just for information: in due time, the concept of “victimology” appeared, it was correct. Science has studied the very signs of offender calculated (by the way, it was she who formed the basis of “profiling”).

However, over time and victimology exactly what the victim is to blame in that it has undergone attacked. The logic is bastard, but, unfortunately, very popular in our time.

You can, of course, long talk about other social roots. But I am not a sociologist, and, frankly, I do not want to become one. For the example of the movement hoplofobov In the US, I can not, in principle. I do not fit. It’s not a convincing experience. The hysteria of the pocket.

It is impossible to explain there. hoplofoby. There are no limits on the number of civilian populations. Except as the usual wording “world has gone madI can’t explain it. I’m not interested in reading this

He is going to society, he immediately becomes difficult to understand.

P.S. Yes, there is a weak nervous system. who, from the sight of blood, go into panic and hysterics, faint. Killing or causing attacker close to reactive psychosis. It’s really aggressive to stress topics in extreme situation. Well, it’s okay, let’s leave it on their conscience. It was not about them.

Wolf ops

Why are people afraid to defend themselves?

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