Why are women not perceived as a threat?

“It was originally talked about”Force on force»Training sessions in which this person participated.

The essence of the problems threat from a woman. Absolutely regardless of whether it has a weapon or not. It is an aggression. And, as you understand, it’s a woman who shoots a man (a learning situation, of course).

But it’s not a problem.

Not going to details. It is often encountered by military personnel and employees MIA. To perceive a woman exactly as physical threat health can not all. And not all. In addition to being a man, a man is automatically perceived as being a weaker and more dangerous. It is not clear that the same equipment has been shipped. But another man still always causes more suspicion than a woman. Again, for many, upbringing also works: “You can’t beat girls.”

As you understand, you can understand all the consequences. Interestingly, if you’re interested, you’ll be afraid.

But it is better to touch on the psychological aspect. perception of the enemy. It can be seen that it can be a very detailed description. Maybe some additional features and signs. This is the problem.

For most normal people who are concerned its security There is a certain enemy stereotype. It is a stereotype of the degree of interest. This is a person who doesn’t need to be a person. If you look at maniacs, then these are completely average people. Which, as a rule, do not cause any feelings of threat. And nothing and no outstanding. Dangerously.

The world static and dynamic stereotypes. It has been confirmed that it has been approved.

Problem perception of the enemy, It is a list of parameters, again, it is a rule. How much your own perception corresponds to reality. It doesn’t even have to do that with it, speed reaction slows down even more. And time is running out.

In reality, we are talking about changing own perception. That is the only sign that must correspond to the concept of “enemy” – Threat. If there is a threat, it will make it possible to avoid a person.

Where it follows enemy image It is not a problem. The man, the woman, the man, the old man. There is no difference in ethnic or social group. The question is whether a person is a threat or not. This is a model of


This is a minimizing effect. protection decisions.

P.S. What is interesting is that people with stress type of reaction “Fading” is a lot of time to analyze the situation. It’s a stressful reaction to a stupor.

Why are women not perceived as a threat?

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