Why are you?

There will be a lot of rain and rain in your garden. The so-called “waterproof shoes” will not keep your feet dry. It is your choice.

Waterproof shoes for women:

  1. Design: It is very difficult to get seal shoes.
  2. MaterialA: The “waterproof” materials are not waterproof, and keep sweat.

Insufficient tightness

Bottom of the foot. For example, during the rain, or during the rain.

There are two ways to handle this, none of which is reliable.

If you are wearing water over your shoes. But it may not be from the ford.

Secondly, you can use shoes with a built-in waterproof tube, such as on La Sportiva Crossover GTX. I was not able to see the water. It is not necessary to wear gaskets.

Inefficiency of materials

It is a reagent on imperfect materials. Some shoes are made of leather with a coating, such as polyurethane. It is completely waterproof. It will not be resistant to water.
It is not as reliable as the factory one.

Other materials used are membranes, such as Gore-Tex. In my experience, their real effectiveness is greatly exaggerated by advertising. There are two problems with membranes. Firstly, they are surely not being worn inside the shoe. And secondly, it is under the influence of dirt, sweat, body fat and abrasion. When moisture begins to penetrate into shoes – only a matter of time.

Decision? Humble yourself

I’m trying to keep your feet dry. Tips from the Book Guide, The Uncompromising Guide to Equipment (see below):

  • every day fresh socks
  • clean dry socks for the night
  • after the feet with a hydrophobic ointment,
  • thin socks made of non-moisture-absorbing material (in non-waterproof shoes)

Clothes and shoes

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