Why carry a knife with you: 11

In general, the stupid question – “Why do I need to carry a knife with you?”. Clearly – for protection, that is, self-defense. Since they’ve been simply a passerby, they’re swept away. It’s simply that it’s domestic football? Low quality cheap alcohol after all. But it’s a bit more cold and uncomfortable grave. The second option is more than the first.

It is a self-defense weapon. in the meantime – ed.) then a good knife a lot.

Of course, there is a big difference with the city, something harsh and tactical, or even kerambit. We therefore say that it is preferable. And it will go on in the future. So, because it is:

1. Cutlery

The most banal – cut the sausage into sandwiches. There is a tendency to find out how to go.

2. Opener

If you have a knife, you can It is especially useful when it comes to trips.

3. Scissors

This is not a haircut, but this is an aerobatics. And so, carefully cut off something small – sometimes it is also necessary. After all, even the standard boxers are not always a personal knife.

4. screwdriver

Not an ideal tool for this purpose, but at least some. I had to disassemble the keyboard with a knife. And nothing happened.

5. Sharpener

You need a sharply sharpened piece of wood. Vampires, for example, to kill, or just sharpen a pencil. Or make tent pegs. In short, the thing is useful.

6. Joiner’s tools

It can be cut out. In the end, they can even chop wood.

7. Spear

This is already specifically for the conditions of survival function. And, an important point is the weapon, it is not a weapon. With knife inside.

8. Emergency hammer

If you’re a little girl, you’ll be quietly Yes, and they can be cut, if there is no stroporeza.

9. Castets

The handle of the knife, compressed in hand, increases the impact by itself. Banal physics – more mass means more power. Folding knives cope with this business. In addition, such knives can be used as a bonded weapon or some “Yawar”.

10. Containment weapons

It’s a problem to keep some unpleasant personalities at a distance. The apple slowly. The tool is better. If that – you just brush the apple. Very, you see, I wanted apples. But it’s not true. However, this “demonstrative actions”.

It is good for you, because it is …

11. Self-defense weapons

It is not a peace aggressor, it is a fight against a human aggressor, a race against a human aggressor. not yet gained enough intelligence. But if you’re really attacked by a dog, you can simply crush them with a sole, . Most likely it will be very painful. But with a knife, you can try to fight back. But it is the most important thing to do.

It can be used as a guideline. Purely just in case.

Why carry a knife with you: 11

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