Why do we need civilian weapons: a veteran against two robbers

Always chooses the victim easier. As they say, “and 10 grandmothers are already a ruble.” But the victims are not always defenseless. Especially in the USA, where military weapons can be virtually every grandmother or any grandfather. What actually happened. And now more.

Tuesday, February 21, the city of Venice, Illinois. Two Young African Americans – “Gangsta” – It was clear that there was no traffic light, or a passenger car. It is clearly visible. The ideal situation is shorter. What can go wrong?

In 2013, Richardson was already arrested. I did not get wiser.In 2013, Richardson was already arrested. I did not get wiser.

It was necessary to try some more happiness. It is almost an old man. Easy prey. Dickerson gets a bullet between his eyes.

Copyright veteran license holder hidden weapon, issued by the state of missouri. He turned out to be an African-American who “allows himself too much,” turned out to be. However, it’s not the case. It turned out that it was a good deal. The veteran is quietly leaving, and casual witnesses call the police.

Richardson was still lucky – he was taken to the hospital on time, where he was operated on. But Dickerson was killed immediately. It is a state of the state of Illinois. For aggravated murder. In short, the unlucky robber is 60 years.

It is a lawsuit expressed by the constitution.

It was a little peace, and there wasn’t much fear,


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