Why do we need civilian weapons: Shooting in Khabarovsk

No state can control the underground firearms market. Neither the United States, with their huge number of policemen who can shoot to kill, if that. Nor the European Union, where the number of cameras per square meter in some places exceeds the same density in Hollywood. Neither Russia, with its draconian laws on the circulation of legal weapons, omniscient FSB and hard hand. And the recent events in Khabarovsk proved it once again.

The 21st of April. A group of unknowns rushes into the territory of the shooting club, kills the guard and steals the entire stock of weapons. Exactly. Even if there was one illegally acquired trunk for 10 people – that was enough to shoot the guard. Which, by the way, could not resist, because he was not armed. An interesting paradox – an unarmed person was entrusted to protect the armory. They probably hoped that “We live in a cultural civil society, we are surrounded by conscious people, and the state, if that, takes care of the unconscious.” Do not have time. But now the group of “irresponsible” seriously expanded its arsenal. And they did not hesitate to immediately apply it to the case.

The performer was 17-year-old Anton Konev. Despite his young age, the guy managed to get to the FSB reception room, walk into the building, open fire for security, take possession of the service weapon and start shooting at civilians. Not very effective, really. Nevertheless, on his account turned out to be 2 corpses of the FSB officers. And then the events blur.

To begin with, no one can reliably say whether the “terrorist” shot himself, or whether a stray bullet wounded him, or someone with eggs just opened fire on him. In addition, the number and composition of weapons brought by Konev began to change. From somewhere has surfaced Saiga carbine, a second pistol appeared, “it turned out” that Konev did not take possession of any standard weapon, but carried along with him AK.

And with motives even more fun. At first, as usual, they began to sin on a “terrorist organization banned in the territory of the Russian Federation” (TM). Even somewhere a video was unearthed, somewhere either Konev himself or his friends shouted “Allah is Great”. And they got absolutely “reliable” facts that a guy has already accepted Islam in 2 years. But then, they switched in the other direction – they revealed real connections with neo-Nazi groups, including the “Russian Insurgent Army”. Immediately there were corresponding correspondence, the testimony of witnesses, the “deathbed” message for the girl and other data. And the attack immediately began to coincide with the birthday of Hitler, well, where could it be without him. You look, a couple of days will pass, and in the case, again, all of a sudden there will be a trace, personally leading to some major oppositionist. In short, the coverage of events, as always – “at the height.”

But we are interested in something else in this situation. What will be the first to be banned: neo-Nazi organizations, VKontakte, where correspondence participants of the action took place, rifle clubs, where evil terrorists can easily get hold of a weapon, or civilian shooting training? There is no doubt that they will start tightening the screws. The only question is how this will affect ordinary citizens who just want to be protected. And what protection can be expected if any armed teenager can safely enter the territory of the all-powerful FSB and start shooting there? And they did not open fire at once!

And yes, Konev’s accomplices, armed and dangerous, are still at large. And it does not matter whether they will kill in the name of Allah, the destruction of “all visitors from Central Asia” and something else. It is important that ordinary people can NOT prevent them from doing anything, because only firearms can oppose a physically strong and armed terrorist. Which is not. And legally get – almost nowhere.


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