Why do we need people?

Every person should have the right to protect his life, honor and dignity, and not in words, but in deeds, including as armed citizens, with a weapon in his hands. But the state is not in a hurry to create conditions for the realization of this right. What is most interesting is that the obvious benefit to society in the event that a normal and functional law on weapons is adopted loses to the non-obvious benefit of the authorities that there is no such law and, most likely, never will be. And we will now explain to you why.

1. Reducing crime

Pro: The criminal in a country that has a law on weapons, which protects citizens first and foremost, and not the government, will think twice before attacking a person who is potentially armed. From here decrease in criminality and growth of well-being of a society.

Why not: but because any state can quite artificially create and use such “criminals” to intimidate those who need it. Of course, there is no official talk about this anywhere, but somehow I don’t really want to lose obedient performers, under the guise of “random robbers” attacking the next dissident.

2. Reducing the number of police

Pros: if armed citizens themselves take care of their safety, the bloated staff of the police is not needed. And this is a budget savings. Plus, there will be only those police officers who are ready and able to really stand up to an armed enemy, and not just shift papers.

Why not: the police have long ago and for the most part moved into the category of “repressive apparatus”, the purpose of which is to control civilians, and not to catch criminals. In addition, none of the police will not want to lose a privileged and grain position. And the money allocated for the maintenance of a wide staff of police can be extremely effectively redistributed as it should.

3. Discipline in society

Pros: possession of weapons increases the personal responsibility of a person as an armed citizen. Constant training, adherence to safety regulations and the rules of storing civilian weapons – all this makes people more reasonable, skillful and cautious.

Why not: and the state does not need skilled and cautious – it needs cowardly, passive and obedient. Plus, if people themselves are not able to protect themselves, they automatically have more confidence in those who promise them this. Only promises, of course. After all, as we remember, the police here do not prevent crimes, but punish the guilty.

4. Legalization of illegal weapons

Pros: it will be possible to decriminalize a huge number of illegal trunks, which people already have in their hands. To get rid of such a trunk is easier than ever, but with a weapon registered and attached to a person it will not work anymore – you will not get rid of it so easily.

Why not: because the state does not need innocent people. A person should always be guilty of something, even in violation of the rules of parking, even in the storage of short-barreled weapons, even in the rejection of mandatory vaccination or implantation of the chip. Guilty is easier to manage.

5. Expansion of the official arms market

Pro: a more advanced weapon law will create new jobs and generate profits. Mandatory inspections of product quality and compliance of production with safety rules will increase reliability and reduce its cost, increasing the availability of civilian weapons to the public.

Why not: because it is easier to make big money on illegal weapons. Yes, and those who work in its production, it is easier to pinch. After all, they will not go to the trade union and will not complain about non-compliance with labor contracts.

6. The impossibility of usurping power

Pros: the notorious second amendment. Citizens are obliged to protect themselves if the power has gone beyond.

Why not: because the power in most countries long ago went beyond all imaginable and inconceivable limits. And she absolutely definitely does not need to change the situation.

Yes, gentlemen, we are talking about any country. Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and so on – it does not matter. Everywhere the situation is typical, no matter what the “official propaganda” would say about it. The power of almost every country in the post-Soviet space is really afraid of its own people, so they will make every effort so that he could not lift his head.

Therefore, the normal law on weapons is a bright dream that we will hardly ever wait …


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