Why do women take up arms?

Practical shooting accepted as a purely male sport. The brutal-looking guys, fast and accurate. If there were no exceptions from it. It is a very beautiful girl. Shooting Irina Stativku – It has been decided to take it up.

Anna Vladova: Irina, tell us a lot about shooting a sport?

Irina Stativka: Yes. Shooting practice is a relatively young form of shooting. He originated in California in 1976 and quickly gained popularity around the world. International competitions in international shooting IPSC World Champion (MKPS, or International Practical Shooting Confederation). By this way, this is a sporting safest. For the 35-year history of IPSC sport, there is a firearm in the world. For safety, this sport is comparable to chess.

Anna: In the conventional wisdom, handling weapons are not a woman’s path. What attracted you to shooting sports?

Irina: I didn’t like female female hobbies. It has been given. He has a lot of fun to do.

Anna: Or maybe it’s just a desire to become stronger?

Irina: Stronger in spirit? Yes, of course, it gives you a measure of strength and confidence. Shooting is overcoming oneself, “not”: I can’t, I don’t want to fail. But I do shooting just because I like it. This hobby, not war.

Anna: How long have you been IPSC?

Irina: My husband led me into the shooting sport. It appeared in this sport, an interest. In time, he completely captured me! For six years, I was the only woman in this sport. Over time, the bravest of men, too, began to bring their wives. Unfortunately, without state support. For five years, I speak at special orders. I am the only woman.

Anna: What does it get to be?

Irina: He will not be able to go further. If you can not cope with stress or excitement, you can easily “fall through”. One wrong shot can take away your champion title.

Anna: It is needed?

Irina: Physical training must be required. Endurance is important: we compete in different days. Health care equipment, for example, your professional weapon. It is not a couple of competitions. It depends on the quality of the equipment used.

Anna: What is your favorite weapon?

Irina: At the moment I am shooting a carbine – this is a Kalashnikov assault rifle.

Anna: How often do you train? How many rounds go to training? And in a year?

Irina: 90% of our workouts are idle at home. Aiming, moving, grabbing a weapon from a holster, and “bachelor” targets. In training, every athlete is individually.

Anna: I’m secretary of the pre-launch jitter. Do you have your own “secrets”?

Irina: Every athlete has one. This is an internal self-control and analysis of their actions. It is important to isolate yourself from the outside world. The result of the whole match depends on it.

Anna: What are you most proud of?

Irina: For me, I’m not going to reach the highest level. They were awarded prizes, medals, cups, and certificates.

Anna: So your whole family is shooting? Is the daughter?

Irina: Daughter Anastasia has been engaged for 2 years. I am very proud when I see her sporting growth. It was earned that she had earned a lot of time.

Anna: Dangerous girl!

Irina: I am confused. Our whole family is always careful in handling weapons. For example, the most accurate among us is seven-year-old Alexey. He doesn’t “bachelor” train, but his shots are slow, but accurate. For all the shots you need to perform; He becomes an ordinary boy. Even at that age, he is already aware of the level of responsibility. Our sports hobbies.

Anna: What are you looking for? Legally, of course.

Irina: It is necessary to understand that it is important. If it is in the house, it’s safe. There is a shooting gallery, there will be competent instructors who will help you. I believe that everyone has the right to self-defense. Once you’re going to happen. But it is important to keep in mind. You can’t be a tool for self-defense.

Anna: If you’re a little bit more experienced in shooting?

Irina: It is very difficult to watch your spouse. Some guys consider themselves very experienced and skilled shooters. It’s a great deal of effort. Many beginners show high, sometimes even better results. And children learn the fastest.

Anna: Before the revolution, it was a woman who had a female Browning in her purse. Weapons were sold freely in hunting stores: Mausers, Nagans, etc. Do you think that 100 years later mankind lost its arms culture?

Irina: I want to believe it’s culture. Everything develops, everything goes forward. It is simply necessary to avoid accidents.

Anna: For every day: a gas gun, a gas gun, a gas gun, a gas gun, a gas gun, or a gas gun, or something else?

Irina: Not. Is that a nail file.

Anna: Complete the phrase “I am shooting because …”

Irina: I like it, I find it interesting, and we already have a “rifle” family!

Anna: What would you advise newcomers? In order to begin.

Irina: Need a desire. The person should receive sincere pleasure from doing this sport. Need discipline and, of course, patience. When they are – everything can be learned.

Anna: Shocking experience in everyday life?

Irina: Shooting shooting practice. If you want to take care of yourself and overcome anxiety. But this is also not necessary.

Anna: Tell about yourself outside shooting – profession, hobbies, hobbies?

Irina: I am a mother of three children. I love my family and children. Travel time and family.

Anna: The very concept of “shooter” I always associated with a sniper. Never thought to become a sniper? In the current unstable political environment

Irina: Not. For me, it is exclusively a sport.

Anna: What are your plans for the future?

Irina: Big! And they are connected with children. For the European Championships, we will be planning for the European Championship.

Anna: I wish you further sports and personal victories!

Interesting Facts:

  • The average weight loss for each shooters is 2-3 kg.
  • The shooters were pigeons.
  • Psychologists believe that it is a genetically determined instinct for self-preservation and self-realization. It is a fact of life.
  • For most shooters, it has been developed for a total of 50 shots fired.

Why do women take up arms? Interview with an athlete by IPSC

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