Why do you need more capacity stores?

One of the most discussed issues in the legalization of weapons is the store capacity limit. Supporters of the law on weapons often ask, why do we need more than X cartridges (most often 10) in a store? This question is usually answered like “because we need it” or “why do we need sports cars if the speed limit in the city is 60 km / h.” But it looks like excuses, so we will explain a little.

Many supporters of the law on weapons consider weapons dangerous for society and it is difficult to convince them, and they are unlikely to listen. However, there may be more adequate people who are really interested in why we need shops for 10 or more cartridges. In contrast to the shooting range, in real life, the firefight is very different, which gives rise to the following 3 main misconceptions:

  1. A person dies instantly after the first hit in him.
  2. A moving target is easy to hit.
  3. You will encounter only one striker.

Most people, precisely because of these misconceptions, do not understand why larger capacity stores are needed. These delusions are generated from a variety of sources, most often from films. No, of course there are exceptions, but they are so rare that we will not take them into account.


A person dies instantly after the first hit.

Say “thank you” to Hollywood for this misconception. It is in the works of the aforementioned that the good guys kill the bad with one shot, so much so that the latter doesn’t even have time to say the “oh”, falling dead.

Now the facts, a person experiences a gunshot wound with a probability of 75-95% (depending on the situation). This is especially true when using light firearms – pistols. Often, the attacker, after hitting him, continues to pose a threat. We also know that due to the dynamic nature of the firefight, most of the hits to the enemy fall on the extremities, which either has little effect or does not, and the enemy continues to pose a threat to you or your family.

If you are attacked by confident enough opponents, you will have to shoot more than once. You may have to shoot even more than 10 times before the attacker stops. There are many documented cases where people in self-defense had to shoot more than 10 bullets at the attacker to stop the outgoing threat. One of the famous cases is Miami Shootout of April 11, 1986. This is one of hundreds of examples.

So the harsh reality is that in order to eliminate the threat posed by a serious-minded attacker, you will have to fire more than one shot. To predict the number of shots is almost impossible.

It’s easy to hit a moving target.

And again, thanks to Hollywood, where the good guys get with one shot, even without using the gun.

In the real world, it is rather difficult to get into an attacker whose movement is impossible to predict. Even more difficult in such a situation to get and stop the attacker. Accuracy of trained police in moving targets in real life ranges from 27-50%. And these are the very same policemen whom the supporters of the law on weapons are considered experts in small business. If the professionals miss, then you are all the more. This is especially true for pistols, from which it becomes harder to shoot under stress.

The realities of dynamic firefighting are what you miss. Do not miss once. Therefore, relying on the fact that you have enough cartridges in a small store is not worth it, it may be enough, and maybe not.

You will encounter only one striker.

It’s impossible to say for sure, but many newbies who have bought weapons represent how they can easily frighten a hefty bull, who is trying to bring a plasma TV out of their house, to a moan. So only in the movie happens.

Organized crime attacks in numbers greater than one person. The facts say that this is the rule rather than the exception. According to statistics, thieves, for example, work at least in pairs, where one is “in practice”, the second is “at the whistle”.

The realities are such that you have to be ready to protect yourself from several attackers, provided that you may not know their number.


With a rather ordinary attack scenario, when several people are attacking, they move and each of them will have to be fired more than once, the conclusions suggest themselves. Recharging weapons can cost you your life.

Perhaps all these arguments will not be important to supporters of the law on weapons, but at least we have tried to give a clear and reasonable answer to the question – why do we need more capacity stores.

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