Why is a carbine better than a shotgun for home defense?

If you are curious to know why I (the author of the article, Caleb Lee – intends to change.) shotgun on carbine in the role of weapons for the defense of the house … And why you may want to follow my example, this article will explain everything to you.

First of all, let me first dodge the main issue. I really love shotguns. Their importance to the United States is hard to overestimate. But then I will explain why they are not suitable for the role home defense weapons.

What is good shotgun?

A shotgun is an extremely destructive and effective weapon when it is used for “socially useful purposes”, for example, for home defense. Why? Simply put, it has a reliable and powerful stopping power. A 12-gauge shotgun equipped with a two-zero grapeshot, all in one shot, deals damage equal to EIGHT shots from a 9-mm pistol. And all this in a relatively small variation, falls right into the bad guy.

If I remember it right, Tom Givens He said that for more than twenty years of service in the police, he can recall only one case when an employee had to make more than one shot from a shotgun to “calm down” the bad guy (and I think the reason for this was that the first shot did not hit in the center of gravity).

And what’s more, pump shotgun has long confirmed its reliability. AT First World they relied on him in battle (especially in the stripping of enemy trenches – editor’s note). So what’s wrong with him?

Yes, everything is fine with him. The problem is the person who holds it. And so let me explain.

It is easy for a person who is fond of weapons to forget that not everyone is interested in them to the same extent. It is also easy to forget that not everyone likes to train as much as I love this thing. Finally, it would be presumptuous and somewhat foolish to forget that I’m not the only one who can potentially use weapons designed to home defense. In short, I have a wife. And, like most women, her body is inferior to my strength. She is also less trained than me.

Remember what I was talking about pump action shotgun – that he is very reliable? This is true. But he is as reliable as you handle him. It is easy to see that most of the problems associated with pump action shotguns, associated with user errors. Insufficient handguard or other handling error.

Why is it important to train with your weapon for self defense?

Recently, I had the pleasure of accompanying my wife to self-defense courses at home with drobovik for women held Steve “Yeti” Fisher under the auspices of Sentinel Concepts at the shooting range Masf in virginia. To be honest, I had no idea what I was going to do. Steve fisher. I just thought it would be a shotgun training course. But what I saw – opened my eyes to the problem shotguns.

Although my wife and I spent some time at the shooting range with illustrious Remington 870, she never participated in courses lasting a whole day. (I previously participated in a one-day defense course with a shotgun under the guidance of Tom givens.)

I will not go into the details of the course, except that it was excellent (and here you can read a rather detailed report about it), but he demonstrated and shotgun flaws – at least my wife and me.

So what exactly are the problems associated with the use of a shotgun?

  • Shotgun heavy Of course, this is not a direct problem, because, after all, the whole idea of ​​using a shotgun to protect the house is to barricade yourself in the bedroom and wait. But still, it is heavy, especially fully equipped, and when you have to hold it in your hands for a long time. Although it may not matter in a situation of self-defense with one or two shots, it seriously complicates the training. And the less training – the worse you will shoot from the weapon that you have chosen for self-defense. Simply put, without an adequate amount of training, it is difficult to handle. weapon.
  • Handling it is completely different. My wife took lessons pistol shooting. She fired a pistol more than any other type of weapon. Work with the a pistol is as follows: insert a magazine, work the shutter, press the trigger. Work with the a shotgun for her is very different. She quickly learns, but still thinks under the pressure of stress. Even the memory of a safety device and the need to remove it can lengthen for a second the reaction time, so precious in situations of self defense. It is therefore very good if between weapon samples there is something in common. Thus, training with one at the same time improves the skill of owning another.
  • Less ammunition. I do not worry about the total collapse of civilization, when we have to fight with hordes of zombies – it does not matter to me at all. Again, such respected shotgun experts as Tom Givens and Steve fisher, We did not encounter situations when a person had to shoot more than one or two times to eliminate the threat. And yet, this is an argument.
  • He kicked really hard. Giving back. Yes, I know, we are all tough guys and we do not care about return. She does not bother my wife either. But it takes TIME to learn how to invest in shotgun, how to take a rack, etc. Time and learning.
  • Accuracy. And I’m not saying that the shotgun is not accurate. Not really. I mean that 1) everyone believes that the shotgun does not need to aim (in fact, is needed) and 2) my wife is less marked with a shotgun, because she has to deal with the rest shotgun features (handling, reloading, dealing with weight and size, neutralizing recoil, etc.)

What is the preferred carbine compared to a shotgun as applied to home defense? And more specifically – AR-15? Just the opposite of the negative sides of a shotgun:

  • It has a sufficient stopping effect (any attempt to challenge the stopping effect of the 5.56 cartridge is immediately referred to the practice of its use in hostilities, starting with the Vietnam War).
  • It is lightweight, ergonomic and easy to hold.
  • From it is VERY easy to shoot. Much easier than from shotgun, especially for untrained shooter. And even easier than from the gun (thanks to more points of contact).
  • He is easy to handle. how pistol: insert the magazine, work with the shutter (loading handle), press the trigger. As with a pistol, during a delay – slam, pull, bang (Mnemoform for the sequence of actions in eliminating delays in shooting at the AP-15 – approx. Transl.). Simple and practice work with a gun improves work with carbine.
  • More ammunition. Again, if you shoot a standard 30-round magazine in a home defense situation, you probably set a record, but that doesn’t cancel the fact that there will be more ammunition next to the weapon when you grab it.
  • He has almost no recoil. Many, many small skinny girls are happy to shoot from it.
  • Accuracy. It is much easier to hit a target from carbine, due to its lightness, ease of handling and ergonomic.

So should you choose to protect your home? carbine, devoid of most of these problems? I dont know. Try to honestly assess yourself and the situation. You are the only one who takes advantage weapon for self defense? It is necessary to take into account not only one, but also the household, as well as those who happen to replace you. Do you train enough with a shotgun? Can you perform some accurate shots under the pressure of stress? Can you handle weapons with confidence? Can you neutralize the recoil, weight and nuances of the recharge, and do accurate shots (yes, from shotgun need to aim)?

Only you can answer these questions. No matter how much I love shotgun and continued to train with him, as much as I understand that AR-15 – A more suitable choice for my family.


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