Why spinner and fjj are bad for mental health

It is a fact that it’s very harmful. Among young people today – about clicker and spinner.

(fidget spinner, spinner, hand spinner, English – fidget spinner, hand spinner) In the center of the device, it is the bearing of the bearings. The spinner is made of plastic, metal, wood, ceramics, bearings – from metal or ceramics.

(click, fidget cube, agnl. – fidget cube) -) mov mov mov mov mov

Similar devices were invented back in the 1990s, but have gained popularity only now. Besides that, it’s not a matter of fashionable entertainment motoring, ” spinners and clickers widely advertised as anti-stress agents. Advertising says: “Who are worried.” For example, manufacturers recommend “twists” and “clicks” for ADHD, autism, or anxiety disorder.

However, the benefits of devices are dubious. Some medical experts believe that it’s not a good idea to concentrate.

But there is another important point. Advertising always has one simple goal – to sell, and sell as much as possible. Therefore, it’s always possible to hide the negative sides. And he is.

Why spinner and fjj-cube are bad for health

Our specialists say about it:

Walde Han, coach for knife and battleship, applied fencing and psychological training:

“… I’m scratched straight!”, Called fidget cube. Every advertising garbage is written.
And it’s in this case that it’sa bit of a dispatching event. This is not a magic … “

Wolf Ops, stress training instructor:

It is a fact that the motor skills are combined with That is, replacing one stressor with another. It has been shown that it has been reduced to But there is one important moment …
It is stressing the response. As a result, it will be a very wide range of magnus … s. Moreover, over time, absolutely any stressor (regardless of strength). Will be a generalized neurosis on the basis of everything, anything.
And yet – with stress, requiring, “with, a“ therapy ”, everything becomes what it was, it was not …”

By the way spinners and fidget cubes It has been noted that there has been a ban on this subject. But in some schools they are still used to help students concentrate.

Thus, if you’re a little bit stressors, thereby stifling the instinct of self-preservation. Well, and so on. This is not a panacea, but quite the opposite.

And it’s not worth it.

Why they want to flooded with their ads are very harmful

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