Wild animals, dangerous to humans

It is impossible to meet the conditions of its recent presence here. It is not only a hunter, but also a traveler. This skill can save your life twice. In the first case – if there is a will. It can be against the peace of mind. Wild animals can not be welcome uninvited guests. But not all beasts are harmless …

Wild animals

It should be noted that you can’t be hunted at least some firearms. Such large beasts and predators as wolf, bear, Moose, wolverine, boar are beyond your reach without a weapon. Well, except that you’ll come across it with a knife.

It was a great deal of fun to make a living out of some wild animals.

First of all, it is worth paying attention to the so-called paths. It has been taken for a long time to come. Therefore, you should stay away from these trails.


wolf track

This is where the movement of each beast is. Wolves, for example, are very mobile and often run along their path. More active in the dark. During the warm period, they are sedentary in a den, they wander in winter. It is less often in burrows. The tracks of the dogs resemble the tracks of the dogs, and they are different in shape. Traces of the front legs are larger than the rear. The footprint is always on the right front footprint. The tracks seem to be located on the same line. Fox tracks are a little smaller.


boar trail

Wild boars move along the trails mainly in the dark. It is clear that there has been a lot of effort. The tracks of a regular pig are slightly oblong, oval hooves dulled in front. The size of the hoof depends on the size of the animal. These animals are very fast, cunning and ferocious – both males and females. If you can’t simply kill you, you can’t just kill them. Also incredibly ferocious wounded boar. Do not want to attack these animals. Plus, boars can swim. I’m still not able to meet the children, because they also run pretty quickly (up to 50 km / hour).


elk trail

Elk trails can be seen mainly in reservoirs. For animals, for some hours – in the early morning and in the afternoon. But when they are married, they’re quite peaceful and clumsy. Traces of stay on the bark in the form of oblong stripes. You can hardly confuse with them. They are narrow, pointed, but at the same time wide wide enough. Behind often couple of centimeters behind the hoof mark.


bear track

It is a race to take care of the bear and wolverine. The meeting with the beast is hungry. It is a good idea to take a look at the animals. Otherwise, it is unlikely to have succeeded … If you’re on the road, you’ll see the rules of the tracks. In summer, the traces of 5 are hands that are clearly on soft ground. In general, the paw of the paw is about 20 centimeters (females are a bit narrower) and resembles a flatfoot man’s footprint.


wolverine trail

Wolverine is a rather small animal that sleeps in the daytime. However, do not underestimate this predator. Despite its small size, it is very tricky and it can be worn. There are cases when the wolverine attacked people by jumping from a tree. There are plenty of different types of tracks that you can wear. Henn be on the trunks of trees.

It is the “roof” of which it is insulated with the moss and grass. Wolverines can go in the grass.

He will tell you what to do.

Wild animals, dangerous to humans

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