Wild animals in the forest

It is dangerous to see the animals.

It is worth telling that you can hunt, even if you don’t carry weapons. It makes it hard for you to get some food.

This includes the hare, squirrel, roe deer and muskrat.


They are very sensitive and have a lot of attention. In the wild – it is a dream to live in burrows – they spend the night sleeping, hiding in the grass or under bushes. In the winter, during the day, they can spend time. Although it is a chance to catch a fright and get it confused

Silok – a trap for a hare

You can catch your hair in a loop. Silo can be made from lace, twine, but best of all – from soft wire. It is pulled out. It is 3-4 cm above the ground. The diameter of the loop should be such that it is fist. You should also disguise the snare with branches and leaves. It will be the most effective game to use. It should be noted. This is a snare of the predators. If you want to get free of it.


Squirrel trap

Squirrels are very lazy. Using the natural trait of the hunters This is a trap that is leaning against a tree trunk. Along the support, 4-5 loops of the corresponding diameter of the wire are loosely attached. It can be less noticeable. It is necessary to note the fact that it is necessary to attach it. Squirrel, instinctively trying to escape and jumps to the ground. Thus, the loop turns, and the protein remains suspended in the loop. It is clearly visible. According to hunters, the protein in meat resembles chicken in taste.

Roe deer

The roe, like the hare, is cautious and shy. If you’re a little close up to him. If you rarely get lost, try to get your throat. If you’re trying to make it, you’re not sure if you want to make it. It is a catch. Roes, like many animals, have their own trails. Therefore, it is very important that you’ve carefully tracked down.

Masking traps is a very important aspect of this kind of hunting. A few words about the disguise of traps: both pits and snares. It is important to make it possible to carefully keep track of your child’s car’s life. Secondly, you need to hide the smell. If possible, use gloves when making traps. Do not use it for a tramp. Where do you want to smell it? Third, carefully mask the traps with leaves, branches, grass, periodically updating faded vegetation. Fresh cuts on trees can be smeared with dirt.


If there is a reservoir in the forest, you can try to hunt muskrats. She is called a water rat. However, it is a good source of food.

Muskrat lives in coastal holes in thickets near water. She hardly moves over land. You can watch her for a swim.

Wild animals in the forest

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