Wild boar hunting: features of summer, winter and autumn hunting

Hunters are looking forward to the opening of the season in order to take up a favorite hobby. Boar hunting is as much an exciting and fascinating occupation as dangerous. Failure to observe the rules of conduct can cost you dearly, because a wounded cleaver is like a tank and is capable of inflicting severe injuries on a person.

  • General rules for hunting
  • 2Selection of weapons and equipment for hunting
  • 3How to hunt boars, species and features of hunting
    • 3.1 Hunting with a pen (round)
    • 3.2Hunting with approach (skradom)
    • 3.3 Boar for a boar from the tower
    • 3.4 Field Hunting
  • 4How to shoot a boar correctly
  • 5Board for boar depending on the season
    • 5.1 How to hunt a wild boar in summer
    • 5.2 Hunting in autumn
    • 5.3 Hunting in winter

General rules for hunting

Every hunter dreams of getting a trophy in the form of a wild boar carcass, but not everyone gets it. Even having calculated all the details, you can return from the hunt with nothing. If you are just a novice hunter, it is better to practice on shooting smaller game: hare, fox, duck, pheasant. To catch a boar, professional skills and certain knowledge are needed. How carefully you prepare for the fishing process will determine the outcome of events. General rules for hunting include several important points that will help you understand how to hunt a wild boar:

  • good preparation. Think through in advance where and when you will hunt down an animal. Boar hunting season is not open all year round. It usually lasts from August to the end of February. Hunting with dogs reduces this period to October, and young boars are better to look for from September to January;
  • explore in advance the area in which you are going to hunt, talk with the huntsman and find out about the behavior of the beast in this location, the number of individuals, the preferred food. Independently walk around the area and make a plan for the route. Check the presence of trails for passage, because the windbreaks greatly impede the process of hunting;
  • select the type of hunt. There are several of them and which one is right for you depends on some factors;
  • prepare weapons, equipment, ammunition. You should not emit any odors, such as tobacco, alcohol, perfumery, anything that can alert the beast;
  • you can shoot only males. It is forbidden to shoot at females or small pigs. The only exception is the selection shooting;
  • Remember that a wounded pig is capable of attacking. After shooting, you will have a few seconds to make a decision: shoot again or seek shelter;
  • do not set the dogs on a wounded animal, they may get hurt by fangs;
  • the weapon must always be ready;
  • in search of prey, examine the trunks of trees. The more and the towers are peeled bark, the larger the boar can meet;
  • at the time of surveillance do not go on a beast path and in the direction of the wind. It is better to step aside a little and move against the wind, so you will not scare the animal with its smell;
  • Try to get close to the beast so that there are trees or bushes between you. Such obstacles will slow down the boar if he chooses to attack you;
  • in no case do not approach the beast, until you are sure that it is dead;
  • if the boar is running at you, jump back in front of him. Most likely, there will be no repeated attack and he will run away.

Boar huntingLast but not least, do not panic. Sober thinking will help quickly navigate even the most difficult situation.

The choice of weapons and equipment for hunting

The main thing when choosing a weapon for hunting is its good condition. Going into the forest, hold a control shot, recharge and shoot again. The boar is a powerful and powerful animal, so the choice of weapons must be appropriate. You can go hunting with a smooth-bore or with a rifled gun. A combined type is possible, the main thing is that at the time of firing the gun ensured a reliable defeat of the beast regardless of the hunting conditions.

The choice of a weapon is directly influenced by its characteristics. From smooth-bore options double-barreled shotguns of 12 and 16 caliber are in demand. The cartridges can be equipped with various types of bullets: “Vyatka”, “Ideal”, Field, Blondeau, etc. To pick up a suitable projectile for you need to shoot by shooting. The quality of the fight is determined by the accuracy, accuracy and penetration of the bullet. The projectile must be weighing at least 35 g, have an exact and powerful effect. Well-proven bullets of German origin – “Brennik” weighing 36 g. A very important parameter in the choice of weapons – fast reloading.

The rifled weapons use 7.62×51 mm, 7.62×54 mm, and 7.62×73 mm ammunition. For larger individuals choose more powerful calibers of 8×68 mm, 9.3×62 mm, 9.3×64 mm. Extraction of the average wild boar is carried out most often by the model “SCS”.

Boar huntingBefore buying a gun, check it for noise. The locking mechanisms, the safety catch and the trigger should work as silently as possible. It is forbidden to hunt wild boar with grapeshot, there is a risk to hook the next individual in a flock or dogs if they help you. Do not forget to bring with you equipment for cleaning and lubrication of weapons, as well as a flashlight and night vision sight, if you go hunting in the dark.

The choice of clothing and footwear is the envy of the season and weather conditions. First of all, equipment should be convenient for you and inconspicuous for the beast. The fabric from which things are sewn should not rustle, creak and make other frightening sounds. The boar has a very good ear and any extraneous noises will scare him away. An experienced hunter wears all of the soft tissues, for the legs there are special pistons made of boar skin, made with wool outside.

Pay special attention to disguise. Pick clothes with colors that are as close as possible to the color of the environment. As a protection against insects, use a hat with a mosquito net.

How to hunt boars, species and features of hunting

It is possible to watch the boar in the places of its feeding or on the paths between the day and the feeding. The best time to hunt is early morning or night. At this time, the cleaver leaves his rookery and goes in search of food. If you find a boar lounger, then consider yourself very lucky. Look for boars around him. Most likely, he will return home from feeding on the same path. In high season, while you are waiting for your goal, think about the ambush. This may be a tree and another hill, which is convenient to make an accurate shot. To attract the beast into your territory, you can scatter a little corn or grain. The choice of hunting depends on the terrain.

Hunting with a pen (round)

Wild boar roundup is the most common type of hunting in Russian regions. The principle of such fishing in the pasture of the beast by beaters on the shooters waiting for him. If the terrain features are such that the shooters have to settle in places with poor visibility, the team leader warns the beaters to make them noisier. So the boars will go slower, and the shooters will be more likely to make an accurate shot. In front of the pen, all participants in the hunt must be instructed and clearly and independently, without any initiative, comply with the established rules, observing safety measures.

Hunting pen is unpredictable. At any time the boar can attack the beaters, instead of running away from them. “Blind” raids give positive results if there is a flock of wild boars in the area. The number of individuals is counted by the number of tracks. Beaters and shooters should behave as quietly as possible, speak in a whisper and make signs by tapping on a tree.

Hunting with approach (skradom)

Boar stealing occurs in places of its rookery or in fat in the daytime. The hunter must silently sneak up on the boar against the wind, using bushes, trees and hollows for camouflage. It is better to crawl around the open area. To steal a wild boar in a lounger is not many. The fact is that the beast lying in the pit is very quiet and invisible. But in the place where he eats it is easy to do.

Hunting with an approach requires a certain amount of experience and knowledge of boar habits. Hunting professionalism will tell you where and when the boar will eat and will allow to bypass these areas in its search. As a rule, boars do not change their habits and choose rookeries and feeding places on an ongoing basis. Finding it is better to mark them on the map or make some other mark.

Hunting skradom can be carried out with dogs. Usually for such purposes choose huskies. Hunting for boars with likes greatly simplifies the process. Hunters in the amount of 2-4 people go out with the dogs to the places of the supposed study of wild boars and, having reached the place, let the dogs go. While the dogs are searching for the beast, the hunters are advancing through the lands. When the beast is found and raised by dogs, the hunters act according to circumstances. The main task is to get as close as possible to the boar and make an accurate shot.

Hunting boar from the tower

The way of catching is similar to the backfill, with the only difference that the place of deployment has already been found – on the tower. This is considered the safest option of hunting, because even an angry beast can’t get to you. It is more suitable for young, inexperienced hunters who are not yet ready to contact directly with the boar. One important condition for catching from the tower is accuracy. If the shot is ineffective, you won’t have a second chance, the animal will simply run away. Consider this before you hunt the boar alone.

Boar huntingWaiting for an opportunity for a shot, behave as silently as possible. Watch the boars carefully, so as not to miss the moment when one will turn in the direction appropriate for the well-aimed shot. A wild boar hunt from a tower can occur at night, just keep in mind that it must be lunar, otherwise it will be almost impossible to see your target.

Field hunting

Catching the beast on the field is very convenient. It is there that the animal eats. On the terrain without trees and bushes, the beast is easy to see and hear from the characteristic sounds made by them during the meal. Climbing up to the boar should be upwind, silently and waiting for moments when he freezes and listens. The ideal option is oats or pea field. In it, you can hide, picking up or waiting for the animal, and waiting for a shot.

How to shoot a boar

Properly executed shot – a guarantee of your victory over the mighty boar. Wild boars are very hardy and even a wounded animal can go up to 300 meters or rush at you. When injured blood is released in small quantities, because fatty tissue very quickly tightens the wound. This causes the “vitality” of the beast after the aimed shot. It was possible to find out whether the hit, following in the footsteps of boar care. If you see a drop of blood, it means that the animal is injured and you can wait for the time of its death.

Remember the rules of shots to reduce the number of non-productive hits.

  1. When the boar is standing or going straight at the hunter, you need to get ready and aim. The shot itself is made at the moment when the beast notices the arrow and turns around in its side to escape.
  2. A shot under the shoulder blade touches the heart, in the head it destroys the brain, and in the neck it damages the vertebrae. Remember these three points and try to aim precisely at them.
  3. It is best to shoot at a moving target from a distance of no more than 30 m.
  4. Do not shoot an animal that is located higher than you. If the shot is not effective, the beast will fly down right at you.
  5. Do not aim at the boar in any way. In this place, he has reliable protection in the form of a kolgan and your manipulations only make the animal angry.

Boar huntingUnderstand that the hit was, and in what place can be on certain grounds. If the shot fell in the upper body, the boar will writhe; if in the lower part, it will bounce. Trying to stand on the front hooves of an animal with a damaged spine, and noticing that the beast is beating in convulsions, know that it hit him in the head.

Boar hunt depending on the season

Each season has its own laws for boar hunting. The opening of the season begins for all regions in different ways and depends on the climatic features of the area.

How to hunt a wild boar in summer

Usually by the end of the summer period, wild boars begin to feed heavily, storing fat for the winter. With the onset of dusk, herds of animals are selected on the fields, visited gardens and meadows. Understand that you have found a place for feeding by characteristic signs. These will be dug pits, mud puddles, traces of litter, traces of hooves, and others. It is effective to track the beast from the watering place by the tracks.

Summer places for sunbeds boars choose in shallow ravines, reeds, spruce forests, in general, in those places where there is more moisture and you can hide from the heat. In the summer it is best to hunt wild boar in the fields and open glades on the towers.

Hunting in autumn

The golden age is considered the best time to track boars. Zverelovy hunt from the sap in the fields and near the animal paths. At the very beginning of autumn the animals go out to feed immediately after sunset. At the same time, aimed shots are best performed. In mid-September, wild boars go for food prey in the dark.

Boar huntingHunting in winter

In winter, it is more difficult to find a seat. Choose locations closer to the thickets of reeds, thick trees. As at any other time, the beast comes to feed more often at night than during the day. Sheltership on anthills or under large firs. By traces in the snow and litter, you can determine the location of the animal.

In winter, it is more difficult to find food than in summer and experienced hunters use it. They lay out the bait in the afternoon at the proposed location of the boar, and in the evening they go fishing.

Going for a trophy carcass of the boar, remember that the risk is a noble cause, but not in this case. At the slightest hint of danger to health or life, it is better to retreat. Wild boars, despite their size and clumsiness, are very fast and agile, so you can quickly move from to the role of hunter to the role of prey.

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