Wind generators, solar panels and other useful structures, reference book.

batteries and wind generators in an era of global economy and cost optimization. The appendices provide reference data and other useful information..

Book Contents Wind Generators, Solar Panels, and Other Useful Designs.


Chapter 1. Power sources on solar batteries and not only.

1.1. Basic principles of solar panels.
1.2. Types and characteristics of solar panels.
Photoelectric converter.
1.3. Do-it-yourself electronic devices for home and garden.
1.3.1. “Stone” – for giving with an element of the solar battery.
1.3.2. Flashlight on the elements of the solar battery and methods for its improvement.
The principle of operation of the device.
About Details.
Recommendations for improving performance.
Range of practical applications.
1.4. About Solar Modules.
1.5. Nomenclature of powerful solar panels.
1.5.1. Solar batteries from different manufacturers.
TCM-15F Solar Module Specifications (12).
1.5.2. Sharp Solar Panels.
Key Features of Sharp Solar Panels.
Application area.
Some interesting features of solar panels.
1.6. Sundance Solar Solar Panel for charging PowerFilm WeatherPro Solar panels.
1.7. Recommendations for the assembly of solar cells and modules.

Chapter 2. Wind generators and electric energy converters.

2.1. Advantages and features of wind generators.
2.1.1. The basic equipment of wind turbines.
Mast kit.
2.1.2. Additional equipment for wind turbines (except for the generator itself).
2.1.3. Savings Calculations.
2.1.3. Important notes.
2.2. Place of installation of wind turbines.
2.3. DIY wind turbines.
Some examples i conclusions.
2.4. Energy Converters (Inverters).
Some specifications.
Inverter Connection Methods.
2.5. Precautions when working with inverters and batteries used in ventrogerator installations.
2.6. Calculation of wiring and wire selection.

Chapter 3. Batteries and other chemical current sources.

3.1. Operation and maintenance of batteries.
3.1.1. Battery charge.
3.2. Charge controllers.
Morningstar SHS 10.
3.3. AGM and GEL deep discharge batteries.
Z.Z.1. Gel (GEL) battery Leoch LPG12-200.
3.3.2. Leoch DJW 12-18 Sealed Lead-Free AGM Technology Battery.
3.3.3. AGM technology.
3.4. Chemical current sources using the Smoke battery as an example.
3.4.1. Inner filling HIT Smoke.
3.4.2. Main technical characteristics of the Smoke series batteries.
Application Practices and Experiments.
Application practice.
How to connect.
3.5. Other elements and battery.
Map zinc-zinc and carbon-zinc cells and batteries.
Alkaline cells and batteries.
Air depolarized cells and batteries.
Zinc mercury cells and batteries.
Silver-zinc cells and batteries.
Lithium cells and batteries with organic electrolyte.
1.5V Renata Disc Batteries.
Diskovys LR batteries with a rated voltage of 1.5 V.
Battery Energizer.
AKB GP-Greencell.
Encoding and parameters of batteries with different power consumption.
Large capacity batteries and batteries.
Battery Labeling.

Chapter 4. Non-traditional electronic designs.

4.1. Heated soil from improvised means.
4.2. Electronic designs for audio and video.
Power Amplifier from CD Changer.
Electrical specifications.
Practical use.
Analog microcircuits for amplifying the audio view with a signal.
Replacing the CZN-15E with the XF-18D in a wide range of designs.
Replacing the CZN-15E microphone with the XF-18D in the NM-Z6 tangent.
Some electrical characteristics of domestic and foreign microphones.
Converter in the tangent of CB-transceivers Tokai PW-2024, PW-404S, PW-5024, LAR-301RM.
Practical use.
4.3. Voltage converter for a portable flashlight.
The principle of operation of the device.
About Details.
Other applications.
4.4. “Quick” adapter for GSM antenna.
Why do I need an additional antenna.
Adapter manufacturing.
Another adapter manufacturing option.
4.5. Replacing the battery in the line (battery).
Characteristics of the original ICOM BP-209N battery.
The practice of replacing elements.
How to fool a memory effect.
4.6. Experiments and Tips with Unconventional Power Supplies.
New Year invisible garland.
Fluorescent lamp in the form of a simple light music.
We light in the distance or a Jedi sword.
Unconventional sausage heating.
4.7. Useful About Thyristors.


Appendix 1. Abbreviations and conventions used in electronics and electrical engineering.
Appendix 2. Ribbon cables and film loops. Connectors for flat ribbon cables and loops.
Appendix 3. How to repair a ribbon cable. Loop Repair Technology.


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