“Wolf feeling”: What is kinesthetic awareness?

Let’s start from afar. Most modern people, including those who are reading motor experience. It is not their fault, but rather a misfortune. Life in cities dictates a certain set of movements. Morning. He then went out of bed, went to the toilet, then he washed out, then drove to work. In the office, I turned on the computer … And so – every day. Where to take diverse motor experience?

Better things are in athletes, but there is no overwhelming mass – it is. Hell, hell, hell, hell, hell, hell, hell, hell And so – until retirement. Which our generation will not have along the way.

It’s not a problem. Moreover, they don’t even realize that there’s something else besides the dull repetition of the same actions.

Who has driven us into such a framework, theorists. In recent years, there has been a tendency towards a relationship, economic, political, social. It becomes total. It is not a problem. Hourly, comrade. That is, you have to work more. Oil is falling. Ruble – next. The economy doesn’t have time to restructure, a small business just dies.

If you’re looking for something to go by yourself, you’ll find out how to go. For you work in McDack. In short, he didn’t really take it. And he doesn’t care.

If you’re in the world, you’ll be able to make it easier for you. There is still some time left. The rest can dream of a new iPhone.

Imagine such a situation. Suddenly, complete chaos ensues. Suddenly, mind you! Although it’s not a problem, it’s not difficult to say that it’s still a bit far away! law and order control everything … And the Grub supposedly delivered lope need.

But here – pop! – and BP came. Because you are now. You think and identify?

Social networks. It is not a bad idea. If you are looking at it, Are there seeds? And if you find?

If you’re in the last days, you’ll be overwhelmed by more successful neighbors. It will be a group of people who will be able to make it. You can’t go to any countryside, you don’t have time or you don’t want to. And even if you leave, what will you eat there? How to bask?

Then it gets worse. Tough economic and political blockade. Perhaps a civil war between supporters of different political elites. Hell’Gan, hey, hen’t behaved,

And what do you oppose all this? You need to know how to turn on your computer. Shotgun bought? Well done. Make someone a nice gift. It is necessary to brush off evil “maraders”. You need to run to the machine.

But the machine will not save you. Do you know the distance shot? Do you know how to expose a sight? It has been a great deal of effort to help you with your skills. This is one of the faces “wolf feelings“.

So, “wolf feeling“It would be in the minds of the mind.” from birth to everything that concerns survival. Only social constraints prevent us from developing this knowledge. Therefore, you can train in lot skills.

It will make it possible to make it a bit different. Masters of martial arts, being blindfolded, or in complete darkness, can be properly guided by. It works “wolf feeling“Or else, in an rational way, – kinesthetic awareness.

It is a special result. Who has experienced, he will understand. Easier to feel than to describe.

It’s a funeral effect.

What will give you the wolf feeling when the BP comes?

First of all, cultivating and developing in yourself kinesthetic awareness, You must have been a lot of time and effort. Skills that are not even shifted to one another, you will get faster. If you’ve been repeating it, then withwolf feeling»It will go livelier. In one environment, it will be faster than others wins.

Secondly, you’ll get never sleeping guards. Somehowwolf feeling»Readiness for a dangerous situation. And, ultimately, the willingness to survive in this situation. Even during sleep or at night (especially at night!). It is rather difficult to overestimate such quality in the conditions of BP.

Thirdly, rapacity. In your movements fussiness and will disappear. You will move differently, qualitatively differently. Your power will be visible to others. But it is not a problem. But there will be another force. In addition, for those who survived, they are incomparably less than those of the organized group.

Speaking of loners. Do you think that you are a unique person? You think, you think, I know. You have been inspired that individuality and uniqueness is the most valuable thing that can be. But it is not.

You can become a person only by breaking your motor stereotypes. The stereotypes are invented so that you can, the hamster, an appetizing tasty hamster, remain a hamster.

Any state, any system seeks to control hamsters. It is clear that they have been living on the telegraph pole. For edification.

On the contrary martial arts, practitioners, From an amorphous piece of meat is turned into a warrior, who knows what it is worth. This is why the selection of the special services.

Martial arts – yes, to a certain extent develop “wolf feelingIt’s more than a little damage. ”Sport is the same. ! And for the development of “wolf feelings“Lethality is the best incentive. If you want to sign up for other corporate interests. Maybe wiser.

However, if you didn’t In addition, 10 out of 10 special forces were not allowed. Like this.

It would be wrong to draw such a gloomy perspective.

How to develop the “wolf feeling”?

It is a piece of meat and it becomes something less edible. Why am I trying to increase your chances? Yes, everything is simple. Understand ANYTHING. And who will undertake the difficulty. So, natural selection will be worthy. The rest can buy another new iPhone. Thugs armed with reinforcement.

So exercise. Do them regularly, as often as possible. Include in the vacation program. Selected only the most effective and tested on themselves. In addition, be engaged at least in embroidery.

  1. Development secondary “Weak” half of the body. Are you right? Develop your left hand. And vice versa. It is not always possible to eat it. It is a small secret. You guess why?
  2. Movement in complete darkness in a room with a complex layout. Suitable basement or abandoned bombar. Ideal – the maze. It is better to insure you. Without the flashlights and maps, solely on intuition. It is in the middle of the world that it is called Byakami, using only kinesthetic awareness.
  3. Daily, on the way to and from work curb walking, curbs and narrow logs. Rising on empty beer cans The bank is crushed. You think you will look stupid? Then a hammer on a new tablet.
  4. For a snack. Running through the forest blindfolded. It’s not a problem. From all forces through the thicket. The degree of density of the forest is increasing. It is clear that you can understand how to manage it.

It is moving towards the mass slaughter. It seems to be accelerating. Therefore, do not waste time on reasoning. Where we go, only action will be appreciated.

“Wolf feeling”: What is kinesthetic awareness?

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