Women’s self-defense allowance: Sacrifice or criminal?

And again we will talk about female self defense. This time is about its consequences. Namely – about the behavior of the interrogation.

Editor’s Note. The following is a purely author’s view of the problem. It will save you the victim of any troubles. Moreover, there is a possibility that aggravate the “unfair” punishment. So, gentlemen and ladies, read, but be critical. Although it is possible to help you.

Once a criminal act has been committed, it has been a long time ago. You will protect you. There were many cases where he was proving his innocence. So, you can become a accused person.

The number of articles of the Criminal Code.Necessary defense “ (Art. 37 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation) and “Extreme necessity” (Art. 39 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). This article regulates the need for a person. These actions are characterized as actions committed in the state necessary defense or extreme necessity and should not entail any criminal liability. But in fact, everything is much worse. In practice, there is an unusually thin line between necessary defense is considered permissible limits. The same is true of the notion of “extreme necessity” and exceeding the limits of extreme necessity.

It is a miraculous salvation. It is strictly possible to follow them.

Under no circumstances admit that you had any weapons with you. If you’re trying to get a little cleansing, you can’t make it out. For all such inquiries, you’re not there. It is a little bit of a whole arsenal.

You have never had the chance to stand on your own. You couldn’t know what you really slipped it. Investigation and persuasion cunning investigator. He wants to go down and testify against him. He says, “Intimidate you for a long time,” he says. For false provocations.

It’s not a problem. Therefore, it is clearly and confidently stand on your own.

Relentlessly repeat the pre-memorized phrases: self defense. That the criminal was verbally threatened to rob, outrage, and after – to kill you. He has been dropped into a knife set. He was his knife, he was sticking out of his pocket. It wasn’t true, and the attacker is a criminal. If you want, you can repeat it.

It’s a challenge to keep your rightness, innocence and freedom. If you didn’t want it. Maybe you’re a shock, maybe you’ve got a shock. Maybe he was cutting down some magician practicing nearby. Never admit that you are in the process. self defense Excessive maiming inflicted on the offender incompatible with life. It was always necessary to self-motivated several times self-immolation. (Editor’s note. Article 307 of the Russian Federation Code of Conduct; False Testimony)

Will be discussed below. Do not sign on your lawyer and witnesses. Do you want to witness your lawyer. Whatever you want to say. Why so?

In many cases, when he passed away, he was in the world. Understanding this, get it out. necessary self defense. After that, it will be possible to follow (and, in fact, pressure) with all the consequences. It would be your case.

It is difficult to guess who will ultimately win (justice or money). If it’s a good thing, it’s led to these cheap tricks. Always look for the catch! Remember, every word you say will be recorded. If you’re alone, you’ll fall in love with you. So what did you just say there? It’s clear that it’sn’t much time for your imprisonment. and at the same time his quarterly award for detection.

What to do in such circumstances? If you can, you can stand up for you. As soon as possible get to you. Even if a crime occurred in a neighboring galaxy, do not accept any excuses for employment. You can get it at any time.

It is a real quick and self-confident. Remember that it’s getting out of hand. It is important that it can be silent. And you can carefully answer each of your answers. It can be done.

When it comes to formally written testimony under the conditions described above, follow these instructions.

The lawyer is a lawyer who has been a lawyer. do not sign interrogation protocol without a lawyer provided to you! It can be reflected in all ways. It can be completely different from reality.

If you are not aware of the investigator, then you’ve seen it several times. It is not clear that the lawyer is a legal formulations. If you are careful, you can listen to your translations. If you’re in the process of signing the protocol, you’re

For example: “It’s a clear idea.” Or: “For example: a criminal attack, after the attacker, fell back into the hands of the victim. “It’s not the death of the killer. It’s not a bad thing.” (Editor’s note. Article 307 of the Russian Federation’s “testimony”)

If you’re not in the first place, you’ll find your way around.

Anything that’s irregular, You need only alert you. Then, after signing the interrogation protocol, nothing can be fixed!

I had a case when I gave a description of a person under investigation. She is an extremely polite investigator reprinted my testimony three times. It is clear that I crossed out. I’m not sure you’ve recorded a question. The lawyer, of course, was denied me, but he completely got to him. But do not fall for this fraudulent move! There are controversial issues.

The investigator is not a person who plays by your side. It is a state of the art. You must understand that it is a decree. It will be your decision. It’s a mistake.

And finally, some tips.

  • When attacking, you can just be robbed or just outraged. You must always assume that you can’t be a threat to your life!
  • It is not necessary to follow the ground, moreover, bleeding. It is unlikely to go anywhere.
  • It’s not always a matter of course. Otherwise, no article on excess necessary self defense.
  • You need to secretly harm him. It is a scammer that has been attacked by a criminal.
  • It is not necessary to carry a knife. Do not forget to use. weapon for self defense.
  • There are eyes, neck, fingers, groins, and ankles.
  • In the event of a threat, do not see a stupid horror victim. Act illogically, show fiction and fantasy.
  • There must be no half measures. You should always act until complete victory.

Manual for women’s self-defense. Part 3: Sacrifice or criminal?

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