Women’s self-defense: Weapons for self-defense and its use

And we continue to talk about female self defense.


If you have a weapon, do not even think about whether or not to use it against a criminal. In the overwhelming majority of cases, a person who goes in advance for illegal actions will, at a minimum, have a pepper spray, a stun gun or a knife. In rare cases – a traumatic pistol or, even less likely, but quite possible, military weapons. No criminal will want to attract undue attention to himself, so he will try to act as covertly and quietly as possible. You, by all possible means, must break this idyll.

Carry a knife. The knife is the most effective weapon available to you! Now on sale there is a large selection of various cheap knives, all kinds of design and style. Since you initially are not going to scare anyone, then immediately buy a knife for self-defense. Such a knife should not be big. The best option for female self defenseThe folded state should fit in your palm. The blade must reach quickly and without delay, as well as being sharp in order to easily pierce thick clothing. Carry a knife in an easily accessible place. In her purse, if it does not allow clothes, either on jeans, fastening it to a belt or pocket with a special clip. Whenever possible carrying weapons should be hidden, so that the offender does not know in advance about the advantage you have.

Why do you need a knife? Not to threaten the enemy – in most cases this simply will not work. The knife is needed in order to use it at that very optimal moment, when the offender will weaken his guard and will least expect a decisive response from you.

Knife work

Even without mastering the art of owning cold weapons, a comparatively small knife can inflict considerable damage on the enemy, even fatal damage. The main priorities of striking and cuts with a knife in the process female self defense, this is a surprise. Or those moments when the offender simply cannot see what you have steel arms. The knife is most effective to use in direct contact with the enemy, in the confusion and confusion of the first seconds. These may be the moments when you have already been grabbed or thrown to the ground. In this case, having caught a favorable moment, you must unnoticeably reach for your weapon, and then apply short butting movements to the most vulnerable areas of the enemy.

The main targets for harming the enemy should be the following places: hands, if they are in close proximity, neck — if it is not covered with a scarf or a tight collar, blows with a knife or other piercing-cutting weapon to the groin, face, eyes and ears, in the axillary region. In the case when the enemy is kept at a distance from you, you should not apply blows, but cutting biting movements, the result of which should be deep but not fatal cuts with an abundance of blood. If possible, then apply not one, but immediately a series of quick blows, rinsing the opponent’s face, neck and hands. All punches with piercing-cutting objects should be applied clearly, sharply and decisively, putting all possible force into each of them. What is important is not only the cut itself, but also the painful shock from the blow.

Weapons that are not weapons

Gas spray and stun gun give an advantage in their skillful use, but, like any non-fatal weapon, they should be used as quickly as possible, covertly and unexpectedly for the attacker. Otherwise, any of your hitch or doubt may turn against you. While you will sublimely reflect on the use of your weapon for self defense or not, an attacker can simply knock a pepper bottle or a shocker out of your hands. After that, with particular enthusiasm and zeal to apply it, but already on you. So if you decided to use a gas spray or a shocker, then, first of all, understand that such weapons give only one chance for effective use and they should be used immediately!

Any object, if you look at it from the right angle, can serve as a weapon. If you stayed late in the office, and you have nothing like a weapon, then take along with you on your way home, at least stationery scissors. For convenience, you can wrap them with “scotch tape” so that they do not accidentally open. Use the same scotch tape to sharpen a few pencils, 3-5 will be enough for an effective blow to the face. Even a hardcover book can serve, if not a weapon, then a subject that can be dealt a very tangible and painful blow to the face. Well, if you manage to hit the enemy with an edge of the book exactly in the temple, then easily cut it down and, most likely, forever.

Sitting in a room or office – look around and dream about what items and how, and also in what combination, can be used as female self defense weapons. Even your favorite hairspray and a good non-extinguishing lighter can become a significant barrier between you and the criminal, if, of course, you can use all of them competently. Heavy glass vases for flowers, ashtrays, unscrewing legs from the console boxes, an umbrella with a massive handle, forgotten by someone, etc. Most importantly, do not turn yourself into a victim and don’t get into a corner from the illusory awareness of helplessness.

Speaking of active female self defense, I do not mean constantly and to no avail fight in agony, making hundreds of unsuccessful attempts to break free. Not at all! I am saying that if you are still caught, then you should methodically continue to look for a way out, finding the best moments for this. Sometimes it is enough for a person to cut a person so that he completely or partially stops his criminal activities. Similar stopping moments from the enemy must also be used to escape in search of help or an object of destruction.

If you constantly twitch, trying to escape from the seizure of the criminal, he will not loosen his grip for a second, constantly being on his guard. But if you change tactics, then at some point a criminal can lose control of the situation. Therefore, shortly before you are ready to attack, you should not resist – to attract attention to yourself, too active. However, in the event that you need to hide your preparatory actions, and the offender has ceased to pay attention to your wry, then of course, it is reasonable to take advantage of this situation. In this way, you put a bit of vigilance on your opponent and can concentrate on thinking about the situation.

But to think and make decisions, you will need very, very quickly, since the bill will go literally for a second. Anyone, even if a tiny chance is released, is also a chance and you should not miss it! It did not work now, try to break through the defense in a minute, but in a different place. The main thing is not to give up and make attempts to the last, even if they seem to be fruitless and meaningless.

Like moths on the light

In this chapter we will talk about the most common mistake that future victims of crime make. I think it is no secret to anyone that in the overwhelming majority of cases, the victim himself attracts the criminal to himself. Signs of this may be loose, relaxed, or overly cheerful and riotous behavior. Clearly visible from the side alcohol or drugs. Exhibited expensive items, jewelry, expensive clothes, prestigious car. In some cases, being with you is expensive or rare animal.

In a word, everything that attracts the views of outsiders to you also attracts the attention of a potential criminal. In such cases, you yourself play the role of a desired bait, to which the criminal pulls, like a moth to the light of a bright light bulb. In most cases, criminals should thank their victims for the fact that they themselves came to visit them. On this occasion, I remembered the anecdote about a little girl sitting in a sandbox, with several feathers sticking out of her mouth. To the natural question of a passerby that it is sticking out of her mouth, the girl is rather answering – Food. Where did you get it? – It is prisfskakal.

If you stay late at work, at a party or at a celebration, then before you go out, remove yourself and remove all visible jewelry and expensive things. Put them in a deep pocket or put them in your purse. At night, they will not be useful to you, but your glittering trinkets can even attract a potential criminal. Sometimes it happens that by your actions you can provoke a desire to rob you of a person who didn’t even plan to initially. But thanks to its attractive appearance or riotous behavior, you become a potential victim. In such a situation, a potential criminal, in the most natural way, may be tempted by easy money. In such circumstances, you will be the one who initiated negative consequences.

Modern promiscuity and permissiveness, ubiquitous debauchery and the disintegration of society, only contribute to the increase in such acts. On our gallant law enforcement agencies one should not be relied upon, since their main function is not to prevent offenses, but to identify the crimes that have already occurred, by carrying out subsequent investigative actions. But I think everyone will understand that even if the criminal is caught and punished, then you or your family will not be better off.

Yes, maybe it will prevent a new series of crimes, but when you lie in the ground, you will still be punished by him or he still roam on freedom. From all this we make a single conclusion. In order to prevent crime and make it unnecessary directly female self defense, you should not unnecessarily need to act as an accessible object for offenses of a criminal nature.

Values ​​and Priorities

Try to decide in advance for yourself what you are ready to go to save your life. Yes, yes it is life, and not a desecrated honor or deprivation of expensive stockpiles and belongings. Clearly understanding that you want to cause damage and most likely at the cost of life – you need to act. Drop all your belongings, run away and destroy everything that was mentioned earlier. Throw off expensive mink coats and hats along with diamonds presented for your wedding anniversary. All this will not help you in a critical situation at all, but will only aggravate the situation. It’s better to have a burglar then proudly flaunt your fur coat and jewelry than to harm you. If you are overtaken and killed, you will still be taken away from the values, so is it not better to immediately get rid of the ballast that could cause your death. Being dead is at least trite and extremely boring.

If the offender immediately requires you only money and jewelry – give, do not even think about it! You do not have to poke around in your bag for a long time, trying to find a wallet. Imitating complete confusion, immediately shake all its contents from the bag to the ground, let him search for what he needed there. Throwing the contents of the bag is also desirable for the reason that the criminal does not immediately get all your belongings, along with your documents, address and apartment keys.

If there is a possibility that the offender will look at your expensive phone, then no one forbids you to accidentally drop and break it. In this case, only the SIM card and the memory card with personal information are valuable for you. By the way, have you ever wondered how private intimate photos and private videos get on the Internet? Yes, yes, including numbers from stolen or lost phones. Taking care of your personal security, you should not save personal information in your phones, let alone intimate information. If you, of course, do not want to see it thousands and thousands of people.

Since all sorts of robbers and maniacs usually attack their prey where there are no people or there are very few of them, then you need to avoid these places, as well as the surrounding area. For example: parks and squares, tunnels and subways, closed parking and parking, deserted and unlit streets, as well as other abandoned areas. At the same time, it is necessary to calculate your route in advance and, if possible, try to avoid such places in every possible way.

If you are not a master of sports in marathon and with you there is no firearms ready to use, it is better ahead of time to go around an extra kilometer around the grassy place, than to go straight into a potential trap. In that case, if you live in the backyard of the civilized world, and your yard is dark and gloomy most of the day, then do not be shy and buy yourself a good flashlight. And not such that it shines not further than an outstretched arm, but a large, weighty and bright one. To a potential criminal, it is not comical to be lit up with witnesses, so that someone can identify him later. With a bright flashlight you can see far, it attracts the attention of passers-by, they can light the attacker in the eyes and in general, this is an extremely useful thing. In any case, the flashlight will not hurt you at all, since the average person will not care for him, and the criminal will either hide himself from the light beforehand, or turn away, pretending that he doesn’t care either.

Remember – no half measures!

No: – Yes, leave me alone, I don’t like you, I don’t like me, I’ll call my husband now, etc. Before you harass, attack, sit in the car, they want somewhere to lead away from a crowded place. Immediately call your husband, friends, colleagues, let them run and meet. If possible, accurately describe the signs of the offenders, the brand of car or other difficult-to-change signs of the attackers. At the same time, start attracting the attention of witnesses to yourself, tirelessly repeating the same phrases that you want to be kidnapped, robbed, raped.

If this is not enough and you are not lagging behind, then ruffle your hair, put saliva in your mouth and squeeze them out of your mouth with foam. Tear on yourself expensive clothes, bite by the feet of passers-by, in general, do everything that is possible and even what is impossible. Drop yourself the contents of garbage bins, wallow in a muddy puddle, do at least something to stop being an attractive prey. Let everyone around you better think that you are a shitty hysterical hysteric woman, that you are sick with an extremely contagious form of rabies, than you are dragged around the corner and … And here … should not happen, unless, of course, you do everything right.

Even in spite of the short-term shame that can be expected before the arrival of reinforcements, you will be able to fulfill the main priority – to save your life! None of your emergency actions and actions can be higher than a saved life, and if you understand this, then you will be able to survive if you are in danger.

And the last thing I wanted to say in this chapter. No need to build illusions on that score, that all sorts of maniacs seem to be divided into good and bad. Some, they say, only rob, others only rape, others only kill. Remember! Any attempt on your freedom, be it a robbery, harassment on the street or an attempt to rape, should always be regarded by you as a clear intention to take your life and the only way! Other options you have no right to consider, if only you want to live on. This is the only priority that you should strictly follow in all your actions. Why so? Yes, because you do not make a fatal mistake, as others have already done – more naive victims. If you are initially prepared for the fact that you can be killed, then you will act as decisively and firmly, guided by only one single priority – the preservation of your life!

Manual for women’s self-defense. Part 2: Weapons for self-defense

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