Woodworking, preparation for work, carpentry, carpentry and artistic woodworking.

, starting from the choice of breed for work and ending with the final finishing of wood products. Consistently and in an accessible form, it outlines the fundamentals of carpentry and carpentry processing of wood, as well as the principles for performing various decorative woodwork – sawing, burning, mosaics, etc..

The book is intended for those who want to learn the basic types of wood processing and either have little experience with wood, or have no experience at all. For this reason, it can be used as a self-instruction manual by those who wish to independently master the work with wood or expand their knowledge in this area.

For convenience, the book is built in such a way that it reflects all the stages of working with wood, from the selection of wood for work to the final finish of the product. Of course, this does not mean that when doing some work you will have to read it from cover to cover. The basis of the book is rather some ideal process of wood processing, the individual parts of which can be omitted in each particular case, depending on what is necessary in this particular case..

The book can be regarded as a kind of reference book, which can be accessed in a wide variety of situations. That is why we tried to ensure that the material was located in a strictly logical sequence. In addition, we tried to make the table of contents fractional enough so that when working with a book you do not have to leaf through it for a long time.

Book Contents Woodworking.


Chapter 1. Wood as a material.

1. Properties of wood.
2. Wood species.
3. Wood defects.
4. Wood materials.

Chapter 2. Preparation for work (general recommendations).

1. Organization of the workplace.
2. Tools and materials.
3. Collection, storage and protection of wood.

Chapter 3. Carpentry and joiner wood processing.

1. Types of cutting.
2. Markup.
3. Pressing.
4. Sawing.
5. Planing.
6. Slotting.
7. Drilling.

Chapter 4. Joinery and carpentry.

1. General information and recommendations.
2. Types of connections.
3. Thorn connections.
4. Bonding.
5. Connections on fasteners.

Chapter 5. Artistic processing of wood.

1. Types of artistic processing of wood.
2. Burning.
3. Sawing.
4. wood carving.
5. Mosaic on wood.
6. Processing and decoration of rhizomes.
7. The basics of composition in the artistic processing of wood. artistic solutions in product design.

Chapter 6. Wood Finishing.

1. Preparation of the product for decoration.
2. Joiner’s preparation.
3. Finishing preparation.
4. Toning.
5. Varnishing.
6. Other types of transparent finish.
7. Opaque wood finish.
8. Facing wood products.
9. Hardware.


1. Useful Tips.
2. Tables for practical use.

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