Wool socks as the best option for hunting

Northerners laughs when they hear about the American winter. The wind blows up to 80%. Good condition and complete crap.

Feet of blood circulation. As they approach, the blood vessels become thinner and carry less blood. Which makes them vulnerable to cold lesions.

Socks are socks. If you saw one sock, you saw it all right Unlikely. First of all, they should not be well on their feet. Socks come in sizes that often correspond to several feet, such as the 9th to the 12th. Buy socks, just sitting It is a collection of footwear, and even rubs it.

For me, cotton socks are in last place. They are comfortable only after they’re freezing through the cold weather. 50 cotton 50 C C C C F F F F F F F F F F F F

There are socks of cotton-synthetic composition, a little better, but not significantly. Nylon is added for strength and durability, but not for heat. District (Rayon) is the same thing. It is suitable to wear it.

It is a rather narrow scope. If they suit you – great. There are hunters boots.

wool. Wool – what you need for hunting in the cold. Despite the fact that it is not a material

I know for sure that it retains heat even when it gets wet. So even with a sweaty feet, it will stay warm – in wool socks.

Wool can be a little scratchy, but you can’t hurt my old hooves. I like this feeling. In the bots it is just right. Try wool and will not be disappointed.

Socks – wet, windy conditions. Leave cotton socks for ball games, shopping, etc. If you really want to take care of your

Wool socks &# 8212; best option for hunting

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