Work in large regional cities and work abroad as a way to combat unemployment.

The easiest job is in the center, in large regional cities. Very difficult in the countryside. Which is understandable. Money is now spinning not in production, which is practically absent, but in the services and trade sectors. That is, where most of the consumer. 

Work in large regional cities and work abroad as a way to combat unemployment.

It is there that they build offices, open new representative offices of foreign companies, shops and kiosks. Nobody will invest in the village of Mitrofanovka. Because there is nothing to sell. And nothing valuable can be stolen. Another thing is Moscow, which, according to official figures, takes 80% of all financial resources, and gives 20% to the rest of the fifty millionth country.

, intended for their employees. After all, they also have unemployment. And an entrepreneur can only then hire a foreign worker when he manages to prove that his compatriots refuse it. If he hires the underground, he runs the risk of getting a fine that puts him on the brink of bankruptcy. And those underground workers will be deprived of the right to enter the country for five years, in some cases forever.

By the way, this is another reason why we were able to earn some money in Europe at that time. We were not afraid to lose visas. Because we don’t feel much thirst for abroad. And the fact that, in case of failure, they risked losing the right to enter the well-fed European Union lands, we were not afraid. Well there is no way. Not really wanted. And those who want to earn are constantly scared. To cramps. Because, having arrived and having earned time, I want to come again. To believe that as soon as our unemployed crosses the border, crowds of employers, exhausted by expectation, will attack him, then to believe in a field of miracles all in the same, but already beyond the cordon, country of fools.

And impassable fools. Do not pounce. Because they are afraid. And because there is no abundance of vacant places in the West. There is unemployment. Let not be as disorganized as ours, but it is. In general, Europe is preferable to America than job search. Although in America, finding a part-time job is easier. But harder to get a visa. And you can not only not earn, but also lose the money given for the embassy fees that will not be returned to you. In addition, transportation costs to America will fly a pretty penny, or rather a cent. And Europe can be reached, although not very comfortable, but free of charge by passing cars.

You can get a job in the developed capitalist countries only through acquaintances, who at the same time risk creating administrative troubles in the event of your failure, which is rare in itself, or knowing the language very well and making contacts thanks to it. With the tongue, yes. There are chances to improve your financial situation with language. But to lose entry into the country, which is especially offensive, given the knowledge of the language, is also possible. The easiest way to get a seasonal job in agriculture and vacationing business. Well, that is, pick grapes, wash dishes in a cafe or clean the beach from dirt.

But you can fly. When they promise you a lot and will not give anything. This is especially true for illegal immigrants who entered the country without relevant documents and who are even more afraid of a showdown with the police than the owner who illegally hired them. Therefore, it is better to agree in advance on receiving a daily fee. That is, for every day worked. Then you can be fooled only in the amount of one eight-hour earnings. An illegal visa-free life is generally a very unpleasant thing, when every day you expect that you will be handcuffed and sent not even to prison, where they feed well and allow you to earn extra money, but do not give food and work to the house where it’s just the opposite..

The psychological state of the employee is not much facilitated by the entry visa stamped in the passport. Because this visa will almost certainly be a tourist visa. Or, if you have friends abroad who are ready to send a guest call. In any case, your visa will most likely not be working. A tourist visa is bad in that it is given for a very short period of time, usually less than a month. That is, while you find work, while you dig into it, it’s time to leave. And your earnings will not even cover the costs associated with paperwork and entry into the country.

A guest visa provides slightly larger, but also limited, opportunities. And most importantly, it is completely unknown how friends or relatives who sent you a call will react to your intention to earn extra money. Most likely without enthusiasm, because a guest who engages in illegal activities in the country of his stay (which includes illegal work) can cause them a lot of trouble. Of course, you can not ask them, but then, I’m afraid you will soon have no foreign acquaintances.

It is clear that clandestine work abroad is not limited to that. There are many loopholes that allow you to earn a couple of dollars abroad. But I will not talk about them, so as not to conflict with the laws of civilized countries. And also because it is dishonorable to urge to solve their problems at the expense of others. Foreign powers have the right and must, first and foremost, protect the interests of their people, not ours. Our government should take care of ours. And not a good uncle at the European Economic Council.

As for the job vacancies abroad offered by various organizations in our country, there are also a lot of underwater pebbles here. Which can easily break through the bottom of the boat of your hopes. I have already said that the laws of developed capitalist countries very severely limit the possibilities of attracting foreign labor. Up to the measures of criminal prosecution. Of course, some quotas and work stand out. But our former neighbors in the socialist bloc of the Czechs, Poles, etc. take their hands on them. We are left with miserable bits.

If I’m not mistaken, a few years ago, only a few thousand places were allowed to go to our entire country through Germany through the Ministry of Labor. And then most of them came from narrow specialists. Any doctors of sciences, nuclear physicists, mathematicians, and other specialists there are eagerly taken. Both wholesale and retail. Because they are the brains of the nation. And brains are always at a higher price than even very well pumped up as a result of daily exercises with a shovel in arms and legs. But it is again necessary to have the crusts and knowledge of a doctor of science or something to think about in nuclear physics.

Of course, job offers and simple vacancies for nurses, workers, etc. are proposed. But most applications require knowledge of a foreign language by hired workers. The one who is spoken in this country. Which dramatically reduces the chances of those wishing to get a profitable place. On the other hand, if you know their language well, you can earn a lot of money here in your native country. And if you are convinced from the pages of the press that you can make very good money without decisively knowing any languages ​​other than Russian and not owning any professions, and at the same time they demand money for the service provided in advance, then most likely you are being deceived.

And instead of working abroad, you get a donut hole. Which will eat another, smarter than you, man. If in doubt, ask the firm advertising your product for a license. And the statutory documents. See if he is entitled in principle to engage in this kind of activity. Well, or call the consulate of the country of the proposed stay and ask if they know such a company and whether work is offered.

After all, if it comes to official work, your employer can’t avoid the embassy. However, you don’t even have to call, it’s quite possible to suggest that someone from the company representatives do it. Only call the number you have proposed, and not the one he agrees to call. On that phone his partner can sit, who in broken Russian will say that he is gut, you can work very daze karaso.

After the offer to dial the embassy’s phone numbers known to you, your interlocutor will probably get confused and say that they do not solve this issue through the embassy, ​​or decide for bribes that cannot be spoken about out loud, or that they are protected by the CIA and will bombard you through its channels, it is likely, even by parachute paired with radio operator Kat. You can also try to conclude a contract with a company that offers you work abroad, where to stipulate that this company, in case of failure, undertakes to return the money to you in the amount. And indicate the amount requested from you. However, they also most likely will not agree to this. It seems to me that if you can trust the middlemen offering jobs abroad, then only those who take money from earnings.

That is, from what you get where you were sent. Even ten, even fifty percent of the total amount earned. But then, and not ahead of time. If they are ready to make settlements with you after returning or after a month of work, it means that they really have vacancies, not bluffs. But again, I will not dissuade from trying to find work at the cordon through numerous employment companies. Hope for luck is sometimes more important than luck itself. For what, as for a well-played and uplifting performance, it is not a sin to lay out a couple of hundred blood rubles. So go for it. To hope.

Based on materials from the School of Survival during the Economic Crisis.
Andrey Ilyichev.

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