Work, or rather its absence, the prevention of unemployment in the context of the economic crisis.

In the recent past, a completely unfamiliar problem to us. Well, except for articles in the central press that talk about the grimaces of the capitalist world. Now these grimaces of unemployment are writhing to us by our post-socialist society. 

Work, or rather its absence, the prevention of unemployment in an economic crisis.

And very dangerous grimaces. If you recall that one additional percentage of the unemployed leads to a four percent increase in the number of killers. And four percent suicides. But besides direct unemployment there are also its hidden forms. Such as the lack of decent pay for work. Or purely our invention, non-payment of salaries to collectives of entire enterprises. With the simultaneous struggle to increase labor productivity.

places. What does daily and endless job search mean? Even when your work absolutely suits you. Even when you do not intend to change it in a dream or in spirit, and your boss insists that his company cannot live without you even an hour.

Nevertheless, you should not miss a single offer without trying to conserve it for the next rainy day. Take strangers and give out your business cards, write down phones, say that no later than six months later, in extreme cases, after a year you will leave a place that is disgusting to you and if you wait, then you will certainly, with readiness and gratitude. Let all your friends know that you live on the verge of unemployment, and let them bring you more and more new offers. In the worst case scenario, you will see that nobody needs you. And thanks to this, you can change your profession to a more popular one in time.

At best, if you are immediately offered several places at once, you will be convinced of the demand for your specialty in the labor market. And you can relax a little. But not more than a year. Because in a year everything can change. And so, we must continue to search for vacancies. Prevention of unemployment can be considered various side jobs and trash, which in case of loss of place can turn into the main way of earning livelihoods. Therefore, when undertaking side works, it is better to try them on for the future, choosing not one-time, even well-paid left-handed people, but those that give even less, but constant earnings.

And they allow you to build long-term production relations with the employer. In general, in an unstable, as well as competitive, society, the ability to think strategically is very important. That is, from the position of tomorrow, and even better after tomorrow, and not the next second. Then you can catch more than one hole with a straw. In terms of not one potential employer to meet. And with a sudden dismissal, getting rid of bruises in the form of a transfer from one place of work to another. To some extent, substitute extra work, and if the situation is successful, the main job can.

Craft as a way to prevent unemployment.

What a person can do with his hands. Sew, cut, sculpt, knit, lay ovens, repair electronics, paint pictures. Only you need to be very good at sewing, knitting, laying stoves. It’s best to be able to. To be competitive in the market of services and creative crafts. This level is achieved again through years of hard work. Therefore, picking up knitting needles, a cutter or a brush is better in advance, combining a creative hobby with the main work. When the main work is over, there will be no time for creative delights.

Unemployment Threat Prevention.

Prevention of the threat of unemployment should apply to all family members. That is why it is undesirable for them to work in the same place, especially in one specialty. With the reduction of the department or the entire enterprise, all the breadwinners of the family are simultaneously without a livelihood. When separating occupations and jobs, at least one family member will stay afloat and help endure difficult times. Likewise, all family members have tips on extra earnings and craftsmanship.

It is wonderful when a father can transfer some of the simplest orders, for example, for repairing radio equipment, to his son. Or mother give light patterns to her daughter. Then, firstly, you can master a larger number of orders. And secondly, to teach children certain skills that will help them survive in the future. Another preventative measure again applies to all family members. This is the creation of a family unemployment fund. In preparation for subsequent survival, it is very desirable to create certain savings that will create the prerequisites for the development of a family business or gaining a new profession when you lose your job. Well, or at least save the family budget from instant collapse.

Unfortunately, almost all of us, spoiled by stable years of stagnation, did not learn how to save money for the future and, as soon as extra money appeared, we immediately ran to the store to make some long-awaited purchase. While the developed capitalists always have insurance and other nest egg on a black day, associated with the loss of work or loss of health. And they save this money almost from young nails. That is why life cataclysms are transferred much more calmly than you and I. Save money. For example, taking in the habit of deducting from each salary ten percent for a rainy day. Convert them to currency and hide from the temptation to somewhere far away. Tell the family that they don’t count on this money, even if they’re going to walk naked. And for the children, buy piggy banks, let them put the piglets in there. Let them get used to it. Once time is.

The main weapon against unemployment is the acquisition of new professions in demand on the job market. All other methods are patches on the crumbling Trishkin caftan. Very high quality, durable, but still patches. And it would be better not for them, it would be better for a new caftan. Well, keep up, while you do not risk anything. While you can use the stability period for study.

Based on materials from the School of Survival during the Economic Crisis.
Andrey Ilyichev.

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