Workout at home: Minimum exercise to keep fit

If you have finally been able to make it, it will take you a piece of advice: forget the gym and train at home!

At the very least postpone purchase subscription to the hall how can you benefit from training on simulators. AT training in the gym It can be a limit to the time of your classes.

For example, my choice of favor workouts at home. If you want to get it started:

  • Highlight in your schedule strictly certain time. I (Philip O’Reilly, author – approx. Lane) found it was quite suitable. If you delay more, then apathy sets in.
  • Aim for intensity. Taking a watch exercise complexes. What we need in self-defense is explosive power. Focus on that.
  • Set goals and change the exercises. Nothing has been boredom or a sense of worthlessness. You are moving towards success. Later we will discuss the change of exercises.
  • Work with small weights. Sounds unexpected? Consider that I recommend weight training. Therefore, your goal is to reduce your weight.
  • Include in your training diet, find you get rid of fat.
  • Add aerobic exercise. Especially if you are overweight – turn on for half an hour aerobic exercise two or three times a week in your individual training. If you like to run, run up the slopes. If not, try walking with a little extra weight. If you have small children, you can’t walk around the hills. It not only helps get rid of fat

An example of a set of exercises for training at home

This is one of my home workouts, from which you can begin your training. If you want to exercise it regularly, I’m ready to give it a try. When performing pull-ups for a full-fledged approach is a useful partner.

1. Pushups

We make one approach to failure

Push ups, read here.

2. pull-ups

If you were going to go to the bar! (Transition to full-length, pull-ups, wide grip from above, with shoulder widths or wider.) a couple of additional repetitions.

Pull ups, and read about.

3. Push Ups

Immediate transition to push-ups on uneven bars – one approach to failure.

Push ups on the bars, read here.

4. Rest

We rest for 2-3 minutes (if you work with a partner, he performs the complex at this time). Then we repeat the complex, then rest – and repeat again. Total three approaches.

In the second approach, it can be replaced with the initial set of exercises. In the case of the 15 cm

Option: Pull the head

If you are really tough, you can make head pull. This is a great exercise, but it does not spare shoulder joints.

For the head, and for the common mistakes, read here.

You can say – “there is no exercise on the legs.” Reasonable. My leg exercise is running through the hills. However, I’ll be able to improve your home workouts.

If you are interested in easy assembly horizontal bar and parallel bars, I will take a photo and give instructions.

I am always looking for something to do. Tell us what was useful.

Original article: Home Alone: ​​The Minimalist

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