Workout at home. Pushups: effective ways and additions

I’m a friend of mine My answer was – “Why should I do the bar? I do push-ups, the same strap, only in motion. “In fact, it’s not true!

But there are ways to make push-ups even more useful:

  1. Replace conventional push ups on bar. The plan uses the same muscles that restrain urination. Imagine that you touch your navel to your own spine. It strengthens your torso.
  2. Push ups with pops. Some neglect them, considering the manifestation of excessive “machismo”. This is not true. If I had to choose only one exercise, they would become push ups with claps. They strengthen your body, make it easier to work your feet.
    To strengthen your body, as well as to strengthen the press. When you can’t do anything with claps, finish off with the usual ones. pushups.
  3. Dog-like pushups. No, I do not advocate Pilates; however, if you are bored doing 50-60 normal push ups, try 30-40 like a dog. Thighs up and down, and pull your knee to your elbow. When you are in the lowest position, your knee should not be touched. Squeeze back to the starting position. Change your raised legs.
  4. Rhombus pushups. You are probably familiar with them. Make a lozenge This is an exercise to work out.

Difficult pushups on balance

If you want to try to complete the following exercises. I list them in order for increasing complexity – at least for me.

  1. Dog-like pushups with ball diameter of 20-25 cm. Put your hands on books or stands for push ups. Do dog-like pushups as described above.
  2. Rhombus pushups with your ball. Health ball and wring out. When you reach your limit
  3. Push-ups on three balls – separate ball. Push out. Easier said than done. This is probably the most effective way to work. Bangs on the bottom of the ball, on the next approach. Additional instability will bring only more excitement. I assume that I’m not a doctor.

It is a hard surface. Otherwise, you lose the benefit of position instability.

Of course you can do push ups. Place your hair back. Small children are good for this; They will gladly help your dad or brother in training. If you’re exhausted, you can get rid of it. It was still small.

I would like to repeat my suggestions.

Original article – Home Alone, part 2: the Push Up

Short glossary on:

  • sit-ups – raises the body to the press
  • clap push-ups – push ups with pops
  • doggy push-ups – dog-like pushups
  • abs – press
  • midsection – belly
  • diamond push-ups – push-ups with a diamond
  • core – torso (“box”)

Physical training

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