Workout with live “clutter”: A sign of excellence or …?

About the latest video from South african beasts, who famously rode through the maze, yuzali CAR circuit, and shot past living “interference” (other instructors) – I was so pleased. But I didn’t have to be seen.

He added that it’s not a problem. And about what I wanted to talk …

Training with live obstacles (well, let’s say – interference) – this is an extremely specific genre. So you can find out what the general network is.

This should not be disclosed. And, in principle, similar workout This is a very ambiguous reaction.

“THIS IS B ** TU P *** EC !!! Just shoot it up !!! “

Working out toys for adults. That is generally all. It is, in a sense, aerobatics. Anyone who does not do such things.

Firstly, because there is always a risk of injury or injury.

Secondly, it means that the level of ownership personal weapons it is really the continuation of man. And, accordingly, the shooter is already at that instinctive level. Moreover, these very instincts are built primarily on a rich practice. It is a woman who wants to go.

Third, such exercises are stress test. Well stress training. No, it’s not live disturbance. Just in some situations, such training is necessary.

For example, divisions CSF FSB (yes, there are two videos of such videos), such as training for women,

Similarly, they are very demanding of preparation. At the very video showed work private entrepreneurs from south africa. And so you understand, in South Africa P *** EC, what are the high requirements. I will never tire of repeating that Yuarovo private traders – one in the world in terms of training. For many reasons. And they themselves can afford such things.

It is possible to take part in such trainings. Anyway, no fools, no sorrowful mind. For liability for injuries or possible death has not been canceled.

In addition, such training is always carried out within one unit (one study group), who wants to work in the same group / team. So, these things work on combat coordination. That is why such training can be seen in BOPE (three videos are walking from them) and in our St. Petersburg TOWN, yes and some others very special units. It is a scoop of fighters. stress training.

This is, in any case, finally Fedor konyukhov imputed people will not call an idiot. Although it’s completely incomprehensible to me, it’s your travels.

So here – idiocy there is not a gram. Naturally, it’s about it. For them, it makes sense and justification.

Oh yeah, actually, the video itself. So, for your reference.

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