World War III: The Realities of Islamic Terrorism

There are no rules for international law. There is also no “advice”. Well, and again, I do not reveal any secrets.

We all know very well what mistakes led to Islamic problem. Rampant tolerance, for free of charge, for … “Yes, it is a quotation,” But whether residents of Europe are our business. They themselves have chosen such power. As we own. As an everywhere.

One of the features of modern radical islam It is largely latent and invisible. This, alas, is not acne, which immediately appears on the face. It is impossible to say unequivocally that Islamic terrorist. This is one of the key problems. Radical islam becomes decentralized.

Al-Qaeda, Jabath-Aqsa, June ash-Sham, Lashkar-i-Taiba, Abu Sayaf. There are more than a hundred of them. They are scattered around the world, from the Philippines, to Syria and Egypt. Where they come from. Covers the whole world. Perhaps that in Iceland, Antarctica, well, and perhaps that North Korea, they are not. As you see Islamic problem there is almost everywhere. And the main thing is that you can control it.

Before “market” Islamic terrorism was limited to the incirlik. It was a new and young group that had been dealt with. Even without letting them get. The competition was huge for sponsorship, for reputation. They were going to terrorize. And it had one more far reaching outcome, which we now “choke with our mouths full.”

How to deal with Islamic terrorism. The patterns are rusted, and they have lost their scent. Not. It was the conclusion of transactions. They began to negotiate. Bribe, Make sure you’re a competitor (such as terrorists),

The basis of modern Islamic terrorism It was founded by the USSR and the USA. We have grown up what we have now. I think you are so puffy and unhappy sufferers. Nifiga we are not angels.

But in principle it was order before. The order was. Everyone knew their places, their roles. Everyone had their own roof. Understand those who are now considered legends in the world Islamic jihad once received, almost a salary. Someone in the State Department, and some in the Soviet departments.
And then this order was broken. What was to blame? Plain human greed and information. More precisely awareness. It was not a mass communication. But then …

Then they learned where you can drink it. Where people have no weapons. Where women walk with bare legs. They learned how to keep away from them. Not exactly ready to protect it. And the ensuing wars only confirmed this fact. It was not a problem. But … The same situation in Uganda showed Islamic terrorists for it will not be (the Belgian contingent is dead proof).

Yes, there were Americans. Which, if something goes wrong, sent bombers, infantry and missiles, but even these were civilized soldiers. Which are accustomed to fight according to the rules and conventions. They were not taken into account. And they didn’t take into account the most important thing.

The current clash is not a cultural clash or even a struggle of ideologies. This is a struggle of faith. This is a struggle of mentalities. It has been a lot of fun! It can be used for a few years. It has been his belief that he will be stronger.

A modern robocop can only scare a civilized child. And they are not afraid of clothes, because they have a gun. If it doesn’t help, there is a grenade launcher. And then you can run up to the enemy and blow up a vest with explosives. There are such concepts as “post-traumatic stress” and “combat stress.” There is none of this. This is a clash of two worlds. It means that the world has reached the goal of achieving the goal. And therefore there is no fear of death in them.

The Israelis had Islamic terrorism their buses and houses. But they didn’t take it. Israel is valuable. And for Palestinians, life had no value, either because of religion, or It would be difficult to expect death or death. What is that, what else, but they will die. Religious basis. If death brings paradise, if you took the infidels with you. And you want them – the better.

Imagine that these ten-year-old ruthless children have grown up. They didn’t die then mind it. Moreover, now they themselves decide what to do and when. The Internet allows you to read the screen. Or hear from the speakers. Now everything has become easier – no need even to go out. All information is freely available. Nothing can be stopped. In the end, the text of Shahad lies on Wikipedia. And who knows what are reading it now?

For morons, it is not a call for banning everything now. This is, to the contrary, that everything is no longer possible. Then also ban TV and books. Ban all. Read more on the panels of high-rise buildings. You can read the sermon. This is already here. And this is not going anywhere. Understand – such places. We have already lost Islamic terrorism this ideological war. We lost the war for awareness. And this is no longer correct. In fact, we didn’t really need an external enemy.

The problem of the struggle. One may say that these services are incompetent. It is not true. Yes, we’ve already been made. But he always loses a bit in combat effectiveness to ordinary bullets.

The war, one way or another, is coming. And we only learn about the lost battles. This is where you’re losing your battles. For those who have survived. This is not a real peace of mind.

You can talk about any errors. But you need to understand the defender. It is a warrior’s defense. Islamic terrorists. And the one who defends himself always loses the initiative. And always forced to “catch up.” He simply can not act in advance. Especially if you are on.

Yes, it may seem easy. Result: Hitler Islamic terrorism, It comes to the whole society. But nobody will do that.

Is this right or not? As long as people are satisfied. After all, changes in such things should not come from below, not from above. In the meantime, it’s a way to fight. Because you can fight gangs, you can fill all known groups with informers. But how can you get the truck down? How to prevent that unbalanced teenager? How to prevent a person? To ban? Well, ban everything. At the same time and screwdrivers, and kitchen knives. Ban everything. All you can kill a man. All that you can not control. And most importantly – ban the brain. No world special service will surely be able to get into it.

It doesn’t have to be seen. There is a struggle for influence and resources. And they just want to see the world on fire. There is no word for their children. They have no children either. The child is just a “blank” for jihad soldier.

It means that there’s no problem with it. . Carry out your personal jihad. Do you understand? Every jihad is personal. Its an idea, its anger. Own insult. There is no familiarity with their jihad. There is no effort for future generations – “here and now.” Just to make it burn.

And here we come to another problem, perhaps the last. The past with the future. Future guys are listening to mobiles, scanning phones, intercepting packets and monitoring Wi-Fi. They clearly know who goes online and where he does it. They are afraid of drones and quadcopters with bombs. But they’re not always remembering. But the Hutu and Tutsi fighters remember this.

You can still be a cool drawer hacker. It has been a lot of people who have been around it Islamic terrorism.

And the guys from the past – they are simple. It can be used as a binder. On napkins in coffee shops. Because they have penetrated into society so deeply that they have become one of its pillars – the service element. “Fight Club” remember? Remember. It is illegally obtained a weapon.

It’s time to understand that the world has changed. He has changed completely. AND Islamic terrorism with him. It is a fact. And now you have to live with it.

P.S. Do not look for it is extremely straightforward.

Author – Wolf-Ops

Note: Isis organizations, Al-Qaida, Jabath-Aqsa, June ash-Sham, Lashkar-i-Taiba, Abu Sayaf, etc. Activities are not allowed in Russia, CIS and most other countries.

World War III: The Realities of Islamic Terrorism

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