X-Caliber: Survival Weapon

Chiappa Firearms revived their project – X-Caliber – multi-caliber weapons for survival.

In the original, the weapon was designed for ammunition. .22LR and .12GA, combined shotgun and rifle. According to the developers, X-Caliber now supports almost all types of ammunition. More specifically, 8 pistol calibers (.380, 9 mm, .357Mag / .38SP, .40 S & W, .44 Mag, .45 ACP, .410 / .45colt) and two shotgun caliber (410 ga, 20ga). According to unconfirmed reports, tried shooting .223 and .308, successfully.

Single-shot weapons, of course, with interchangeable bolts. Double trigger. Barrel length 40cm, total length – 88cm. Weight, about 2.6kg.

You can store and transport in the folded state, and with such dimensions and weight, the weapon is more than universal. There is a picatinny rail, you can hang optics.

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